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On The Gay Rumors- My Response

Re: Gerard Butler, Homophobe? Closet case? Just an a**? (a rant)
  by zonistonate   (Sat Oct 27 2007 05:02:14)

GB's sexual orientation? Who cares? Doesn't change his talent, his looks or his sexiness index one iota.

Now if he completely lost his burr......that might be the turn off for me!
Re: Gerard Butler, Homophobe? Closet case? Just an a**? (a rant)
  by zonistonate   (Sat Oct 27 2007 13:50:49)
UPDATED Sat Oct 27 2007 14:28:04

But if he lost the brogue or the filthy little giggle, I'd be a sad little colorpro.

Hi colorpro. I had just come home from a late dinner last night and posted that because it's true, because I was tired and because I didn't really want to start repeating myself. I think Karot, Robin, delavante, the OP and others are doing a great job, and everyone already knows how I feel on this.

GB's private life and whom he chooses to love has no bearing on the things about him that I care about. He's just another human being doing the best he can under the circumstances and with the tools he's been given and I give him credit for doing okay for someone who has trouble biting his tongue, which he seems to be doing more of lately. LOL

With so many "really fu cked up human beings" on this planet he looks good in comparison to most and, frankly, I have a soft spot for man/boys with green eyes, nice lips, a decided talent for making people crazy (can mean many things), and never least.....a burr.


Re: Gerard Butler, Homophobe?? (a rant)
  by zonistonate   (Sat Oct 27 2007 14:49:36)
UPDATED Sat Oct 27 2007 14:50:13

You know you have truely arrived when you have gay rumors...even George Clooney has them!

Every single good looking actor out there has them, even lots of married ones too!

Since the kid oozes sexuality, everyone wants to know what side of the fence he oozes on. I think he likes to sit on that fence and put his foot down on either side. How do I know this? Because we know he's done camels and has recently been talking about squirrels too! The guy can't keep a secret to save his life, can he? Which leads me to believe that GB actually likes fur! Call PETA, quick!

Indeed Multipleh, he has arrived when this many people care.
Re: Gerard Butler, Homophobe? Closet case? Just an a**? (a rant)
  by zonistonate   (Sat Oct 27 2007 20:38:16)

Zoni, I’m sorry—I didn’t intend to make fun or be disrespectful, I’d never want to do that to you (or GB).

Colorpro, I just re-read my post and realize how you must have thought I took your comment the wrong way. I quoted you because I agreed with you and then forgot to say it. My bad.

We're cool lady. I daresay, from reading your posts in the past, that we are in agreement on most GB related things.

I think this is the second time in two days that I've had to explain to someone that I have a sense of humor, so my communication skills must be slipping badly and that's not good, or perhaps it's the fact I went to sleep at 6:30 this morning and my sleep deprived brain "isna workin' sae guid!"

Actually, I was just making a general comment on the whole thread in my post, rather than in response to you because ever since I started posting on this board I have pretty much said the same thing......that his sexuality is irrelevant to me and on the off chance he might be other than he appears, it must hurt to know that being hetero is the only way some people can love or accept him. That goes for any human being, and not just GB, and that makes me sad for him and them, and even for humanity in general.
Re: Gerard Butler, Homophobe? Closet case? Just an a**? (a rant)
  by zonistonate   (Sat Oct 27 2007 22:07:05)
UPDATED Sat Oct 27 2007 23:16:37

if an actor or an actress hides their true sexuality does it really matter??? Does that make him/her a bad person or a closet case homosexual (a despicable hypocrite)???

Multipleh, the truth is that most of top brass in Hollywood for the most part don't care about an actor "not" being hetero,(indeed some of the brass are living in the closet themselves) as long as they don't go public with it. Not with the kinds of people investing in movies today and not if these actors expect to be leading men. The more things change the more they stay the same. The pendulum has swung back and forth on so many things in respect to movies.....powerful actresses, nudity, censorship, etc....but it hasn't moved too much on this one issue....especially now when we have some people in power trying to put everyone back in the closet (which must be an awful lonely place to be unless you've got a lot of people in there with you. LOL) and in some cases, even limit their rights.

Some stars have been forced out recently, but no leading man type is going to come out on his own in this type of climate. They'd be a fool to
risk it unless they all get together and decide to all "claim to be Spartacus" to the point where it doesn't matter to anyone anymore because "they aren't going to take it" (the marginalization/compartmentalization) anymore. The apparent number of "old" A list actors that were either bi or gay is growing by the day, and it would be a shock to some of the more uptight to know some of their favs are on it.

You ask, does it make them despicable hypocrites to hide it....? In my opinion... absolutely not! It's self preservation of their livelihood, and to many...a way of life they love.

Most audience are heterosexuals, only 10% of the population are gay

Do you factor bisexuals into this percentage? I've never looked into it, but I think it is a much higher number. Are you talking of the Western world, the US or what? You are perhaps talking of people that are out and living the life?

Remember the guy in Iran saying there are no homosexuals in his country? How many societies are like that where there is an unreported underclass living in fear of being found out, not just because of the fear of being killed, but where the stigma is so great, due to a variety of factors, that people would never come out?

Re: Gerard Butler, Homophobe? Closet case? Just an a**? (a rant)
  by zonistonate   (Sun Oct 28 2007 01:03:29)

Saulisa, since you are a religious person, I will try to explain my own perception in those terms.

My belief is that the concept of God, as I know and understand him......doesn't make mistakes. He just is not that small. It's only man that attempts to make him that so we can understand him in relation to whom we are and to try and find our little niche in the universe, claim our little corner of the world where we feel safe with others that will validate us and our understanding.

I believe we are one with God and the universe. Our understanding is infinite because everything that we need to know is within us.....if we open our minds to it...if we continuously expand our consciousness. I am the only one that stands between me and enlightenment. We do it all the time when we think someone else has a better explanation, a better answer, when at an instinctive level, we know they don't.

We open our minds, then our hearts follow. And sometimes we open our hearts and our mind expands. It's really that simple. We just like to make it complicated.

I don't mean to start a discussion on it.....just to state why we perceive it differently.

Re: Gerard Butler, Homophobe? Closet case? Just an a**? (a rant)
  by zonistonate   (Sun Oct 28 2007 01:10:51)

After trying to be so profound...I have to laugh because we're feeling badly for him in a very, very speculative scenario, and he's probably out with some cute chick or whatever, living his life and shaking his head at the absurdity of it all.

Goodnight moon!

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