Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring is Here - Easter, Passover, Tartan Week and Taxes

Busy little month April.

Taking the latter first so as to end the post on a more pleasant note, I am still cranky over my tax burden this year. Who the hell thought of having property taxes come due at the same time as income taxes, not to mention having to pay quarterly estimated taxes for next year too?  The dude must have been a real joker. Poor D is getting used to being hit with both NYC and California taxes, in addition to Federal and she's scrambling to pay it.  No wonder the Muse is looking so happy to have several projects on his calendar. He must go into shock at tax time too, with properties on both coasts in addition to taxes on his healthy income.  We all know taxes are part of the price we pay for living the lives we do and I'm not complaining, but I do wish they would stagger the due dates a every other year for property taxes would be nice.

On to more pleasant things, tomorrow is Easter Sunday and Passover started Friday night.   To everyone   who observes these two holidays celebrating the renewal of life and hope, a blessed and lovely time sharing the traditions of your faith with family and friends.   For the pagans out there (and we are all a little pagan, I think)  mother nature is putting on her dazzling yearly display and showering us with some lovely spring fever to accompany the rising pollen count (every silver lining comes with cloud attached).

New York City Tartan Day Parade 

As for Tartan week, this is the first time in the last three years that I am not in NYC for its events and I sorely miss it.  All those lovely kilted men displaying their charms (and some a little more of them then others) at Dressed to Kilt had to do with one less admiring glance this year.  I won't be arriving in the city until the 19th for a ten day visit to get my big city fix and need to get on the ball to make a few show and dinner reservations.  I've already schedule a visit with my favorite wizard for a "spring renewal" of my own too!

I just finished watching Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close tonight and that, along with seeing a photo of Gerry riding his bike in shirtsleeves in the West Village,  made me even more eager to visit one of my favorite cities, not to mention spending time with one of my favorite people, my daughter D. I hope the good weather holds up so we can take a long walk in Central Park. I'm looking forward to sitting in D's patio and seeing the flowers and bulbs we planted last year in bloom.  I am also looking forward to getting better acquainted with her new boyfriend.

I went to an opening night art exhibit featuring some wonderful international photography last week in West Hollywood and there were so many photographs of NYC (in different eras and seasons,  as well as some 3 D ones) and of  San Francisco and some of my favorite European cities, that I have the itch to visit them again.  I wish I could move around as freely as the Muse does.  I do envy him the ease with which he just picks up and goes.  I suppose there are benefits to being sartorially challenged and "devil may care" about it too!  One of his recent outfits was positively Dickensian,  top hat and coat straight out of Oliver Twist.

A very Dickensian looking Gerry auditioning for a Broadway gig?
Here he is, looking normal (whatever that is for Gerry)  and sticking his tongue out at the paparazzi for intruding on his tranquility.

And Raspberries to you, fella!

Last time I was in NY (on the way back from Paris)  I picked up a new suitcase.   The handle on my trusty old Tumi got stuck and even though it was a little battered, those bloody things last forever.  It's sitting in D's spare closet and I have to figure out how to get it repaired and back here.  My new one is even larger and more rugged, but I seriously have to learn to pack lightly.   I have a friend who travels all the time and she packs a leather carry on and a small cosmetic bag and that is it.  I don't think I will ever travel that light, but then she doesn't wear dresses and does fine with one pair of shoes for the whole trip.  Not even in my dreams...

I am sure the Muse will be on the move again soon, but it's good to see him doing his thing, which, as usual, means having fun hanging out with his buds.  And why not?   Spring is here and NYC is home  for him too, isn't it?

Wishing you all some spring fever of your own...


Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The April Fool (Reprint)

The real smile 3/12.
I wrote this in April 2008 as part of the Z Report series I used to post on IMDb.  While a few things have changed, more of it remains the same and thought perhaps it was worthy of a second look.

Gerry is off doing reshoots for Playing The Field and I will be very curious to see the finished product and glad they are revisiting it if they felt it needed something extra to give it more of a chance to glow during the Holidays.

It's a beautiful, clear windy day in La La land and watching the ice caps roiling the ocean from my bedroom window, I am ready for short nap after a very late night discussing the world and its many inhabitants,  cities, social and other  media and every topic under the sun with some of the most interesting people...  A "salon" is the perfect type of gathering to bring people of all ages, nationalities and viewpoints (mostly connected with the arts in some way, though) together and I am exhausted today from all the mental stimulation.  Life is good...

...and tonight is Mad Men!

To all the April Fools out there, have a lovely one!  And to the Muse... I wish him safe, happy travels and lovely sunsets when the work is done!   It feels like a good year...

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate