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Hil's Ode to Gerry - The P.S. I Love You Suspender Gone Awry Incident

For those of you who have seen P.S. I Love You,  if you are a Butler fan you will have read of the "suspender incident" which occurred during filming of the striptease scene, when GB's suspender ricocheted and hit actress Hillary Swank in the forehead and caused shooting to be suspended for a few days.  Though an accident like this could have been quiet dangerous, Ms. Swank was fine.  Gerry was not.  The thought of how it might have gone down tickled my funny bone again and this little silly little ditty was the result.

 by zonistonate     4 days ago (Sat Nov 4 2006 15:11:37)

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Hil's Ode to an Unforgettable Gerry

There once was an actor named Gerry
who was exuberant, sweet, warm, and merry.
But if you ask him to strip with suspenders
you'll wish you had hired defenders
to protect your wide, prominent forehead
from a scar that makes you look really quite scary!

For an actress whose face is her calling,
I now find myself constantly bawling,
for a dent in one's forehead's not groovy
while trying to film your new movie!
No more caffeine for me he delivers!
You forgive the guy when his lower lip quivers.

The director has finally yelled action.
The suspenders are back, but a light man's in traction,
for poor Gerry while rehearsing disrobing,
got one of his many bracelets stuck in his clothing
and while moving to avoid the janitor's broom,
tripped over a wire and knocked the man off the boom.

The director was getting quite worried,
for the other actors were now in a hurry
to get Gerry off set
before any other of them met
an unfortunate accident while shooting.

No suspenders this time they admonished
for the man's lethal when stripping, though they were astonished
at how grand he looked totally naked
with no weapons on hand and no bracelets.
As Gerry takes his bow when the director yelled cut
he's rewarded with a latte and promptly spilled it on my *mutt.

*Swanks pet dog was often on set during the shoot.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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