Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ness/Capone - A Good fit for Butler?

A different kind of Elliot Ness?
Reading over the announcement that Relativity Media has acquired the rights to the Grant Pierce Myers script, which is a retelling of The Untouchables with a different twist,  and the fact that Gianni Nunnari (300 co-producer), along with some others, may be co-producing, I immediately thought that Myers' very different take on Elliot Ness may be a good fit for Gerard Butler.

Post Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus, will they feel his acting chops and box office numbers, plus his screen name recognition among men and women alike, make him a possible candidate?

I am still SO hoping that Joe Carnahan's White Jazz  (I was the first to associate him with the project, but not on this blog) is on the agenda for him, but I think this might be another interesting project, if they get a good director and co-star to sign on.

Gerry was supposed to play Jimmy Malone in the Brian DePalma prequel to The Untouchables that fell through a while back, so when I saw this, it caught my attention.

Read the particulars here.

Any thoughts?

April 28, 2011

AFTERTHOUGHT:  After re-reading through the article, I realize that  Ness is supposed to be 26 years old in this script, so this might not be a fit for Butler after all, unless they make Ness a little older.  With the right style and make up, could the slimmed down, in shape and perhaps with a little facial filler, ever youthful in spirit Butler get away with playing a variation of that age?  Would he even want to?

I still feel Butler would have been a good Jimmy Malone, so when I saw that Ryan Kavanaugh bought the rights to this project and knowing  he likes Butler, I immediately thought this might work.

Wishful thinking doesn't cut it, but with the magic of Hollywood,  the impossible sometimes becomes possible, so I never say never.

I'm still rooting for him to have a part in White Jazz.

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Monday, April 25, 2011

No Contest!

More photographs coming out of Shreveport and the Playing the Field shoot.   Looking at them, I am hard put to decide who is the biggest kid in the group. What do you think?

No Caption Necessary

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Friday, April 22, 2011

Kids in the Field - Through their Eyes

I love all the recent photos coming out of Shreveport. Every day there are new photos from either the shooting of the film  or just candid fan photos of Gerard Butler and his many admirers, whether they be 7, 17 or 37.

My favorite photos, though, are the ones where he is surrounded by a bunch of kids.  Somewhere deep down inside I feel he is in his element.  Not because he represents a "father figure" as so many sighing women would like to think, but because a part of him (as with many men) remains always, a kid at heart, so a part of him connects with these some very elemental way.  It's almost as if a part of him recognizes a part of himself in that kid acting out or just being....a kid.

The nice part about being a Gerard Butler admirer is that a part of what draws us is precisely that KID in him...the genuine part of him that not all the glamour and money of being a movie star can pervert.

Every time I read some person (usually a woman) trying to put a picture of him out there that doesn't fit, I want to answer in this manner:

"Some of you need to stop trying to make him fit your idea of lover, boyfriend, husband, ideal, etc.  The kids get him and that should tell you something about the real person.

Kid's have a way of seeing through the bullshit adults are sometimes so mired in and can't see through!   YOUR prism can't define him anymore than it can define ANYONE but yourself and  the constant "in the know" psychobabble is a waste of time.

He is who he is and some of you have no idea who that is.  All the amateur Dr. Drews and even Dr. Drew  Pinsky himself SHOULD hang it up.  You cannot put Butler in a box, anymore than you should anyone else.  If you could, he would lose part of the allure that draws friend and foe alike to comment on his foibles.

It's all right to comment, just keep your personal prejudices out of it.  Unfortunately, most people cannot.

A big part of Gerry is a wicked little kid and the kids get that and love it.  Some of us do too."

All the photos I have seen coming out of Louisiana only give credit to the things I think to be true.  Some will say it is all orchestrated by his publicists or his manager, or someone trying to "revive his image" as if it needed it.  I find that a silly scenario, especially when everything else about him is complete speculation.

I don't know all of the real man, but I do know that you can't fool kids, even with all the acting skills in the world.  They can pick up a false note like nobody's business.  I trust their instinct like I trust my own and we are dealing with a decent human being here, despite his temper and his bouts of Mr. Know it All, and I think that is what has kept him on the front burner in Hollywood beyond what a few of his more lackluster movies would have done.

No matter what anyone tells you, people like a nice guy.  He may be a ladies' man or a man's man, a heartbreaker or not,  but deep down inside, he is one wicked and lovely little kid.  I like that about him.  I think a lot of people do too.  It's a big surprise to see that in the packaging it comes in and the reason why people like Warner Bros. Alan Horn can come out and say the things he does (telling Gerry he had to quit smoking), or even someone like Mark Canton, making comments about Gerry's abs not being real.   It's like..."well, he's a good natured kid and so ernest, we can say stuff like this...."   

Well, the Cantons and Horns beware.  Underneath that likable kid is a very determined guy and it is at your peril that you sell him short, Alan S. aside.  He's a good guy, but he knows where he's going.  Right now it may be the "field."   But tomorrow....

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Field is Looking Better Every Day

With the addition of Catherine Zeta Jones and Judy Greer,  the Gabriele Muccino directed Gerard Butler comedy filming in Shreveport is showing more promise every day.
Sweet and charming?
Word has leaked that Stuart Blumberg is working on the script originally penned by Robbie Fox and that is another bit of good news for those of us following this project.  Blumberg, who is responsible for the excellent Kids are All Right,  gives this story more heft and I read somewhere that the movie is evolving into one with a European feel to it, even though it has an American setting.  I was hoping Muccino's helming would do that, but I am beginning to think that Butler may also be responsible for the direction this is taking.

In another post last month, I had a few wishes for this film and I hope that the addition of these three players will bode well in bringing it closer to the movie I'd like to see.  The rest will depend on how Butler plays it.

Remember Gerry, if you are going to do comedy, make your character sweet and charming and leave the snark to others this time around.   It worked for Beatty.   I think you can put the critics in your pocket if you pull this one off.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Shame on You Mark Canton...

...for trying to be so glib by making the following comment to Arnold Schwartzenegger (who in his own effort to be glib, immediately went out and spilled the beans to the news media) that you forgot about a little thing called professional integrity.    

Schwarzenegger Explodes Movie Myth About Butler's 300 Physique

Arnold Schwarzenegger has exploded the myth Gerard Butler was ripped and toned for his role as a Spartan hero in cult action film 300, revealing the Scottish actor's look was computer generated.
Schwarzenegger made the discovery after approaching the film's producer Mark Canton and asking for details about the fitness regimen Butler adopted to look like a beefy warrior.
The impressed Terminator star wanted to track down the Scot's trainer and hire him to get him back into blockbuster shape, following his two terms as California Governor - and was shocked to discover Butler's look was all movie magic.
He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "I said to Mark Canton, 'You have got to get a hold of this guy (Butler). I want to know what his training regimen is.'
"Canton said, 'What are you talking about? (That look) cost me a lot of money.'" »

While Butler HAS admitted to some grease paint to delineate the "hard worked for abs,"  the physique in the movie 300 were indeed his and come by honestly.
I can only think that the shrewd Canton was displaying a little bit of the  "little man" syndrome  by saying something that would immediately negate the hard work his actor did to get in shape for a movie that so handsomely helped Mr. Canton make a producing comeback of sorts.  While Butler certainly benefitted greatly by his turn in 300 in terms of exposure to American audiences,  I think the statement by Canton certainly makes the actor out to be a bit of a liar. 

Please observe the above photographs, taken on the set, and you be the judge of whether the abs and look were ALL CGI. 
Yes, movies are all about fantasy and smoke and mirrors and perhaps I am being stupidly naive,  but they sent their actor out to promote their movie in a certain way and THAT 300 physique and the training videos that were a part of that promotion, sent lots of real men back to the gym.  Yes, the 300 workout was excessive and perhaps not a reachable goal for the average guy, but a lot of men decided to get in shape after viewing the movie and that was a good thing.   300 made King Leonidas (as acted by Butler) a modern icon.
In my book,  what Canton has done with his little (taken so lightly) comment, is no less than  lost a little of his own credibility about his ability or willingness to protect those other actors that come after Butler, because he is telling the world that the actor's credibility doesn't matter much in the scheme of things.  
Good relationships, no matter what kind and even in Hollywood, should be built and nurtured on a certain amount of trust.   While Butler has a reputation for not holding back his words and might appreciate that Canton was trying to be glib, the fact remains another former actor  took it so lightly that he had to blab it to the press, doesn't say much for the Terminator either.  He should know better.
Oh well, in the scheme of things, this isn't important, but I'll bet a bunch of young movie buffs out there who made an icon of King Leonidas,  are getting a taste of Hollywood sleaze 101.  
I think a clarifying statement (from either Canton or Schwartzenegger) and an apology to Mr. Butler is in order and would go a long way in restoring everyone's  credibility.  
What do you think?   Is this all just a *haboob?
Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

*Arabic word for sandstorm I picked out of a hat and helped me win a game of Trivial Pursuit in a tournament a long time ago.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Evil Twins Now Gerard Butler Alan Siegel Entertainment?

The Evil Twins
According to IMDb Pro,  Evil Twins is still listed as producer of Law Abiding Citizen because that was the name at the time, but it looks to me like the production company is now operating under this new moniker for Playing the Field.

Have they changed their name or is it still an ongoing lawsuit with the other company and perhaps they must refrain from using the Evil Twins shingle until the action is settled?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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