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300 Prequel: Dating Gorgo: Part 3

Getting into Leonidas Mode
Re: 300 Prequel: Dating Gorgo- Part 3/For Mrs. Stranger
by zonistonate (Tue Jun 19 2007 21:50:08)
UPDATED Wed Jun 20 2007 12:36:14

Zack: "Didn't he just say he quit? Never mind, Gerry quitting the smokes is like Gerry swearing off women. It'll never happen. Somebody get his a$$ back here now, please!"

Zack removes his cap and runs his hands though his hair. Patches of hair come off in his hand. He picks up his cell and dials a number.

Zack: "Dawn, did you make an appointment with the hair guy? Another movie with Butler and I'll be completely bald. Please help me beat the temptation next time around. Love the guy, but I'm wanting to kill him 50% of the time. (pause) No, no, nothing like that. Got it all under control. He's a good guy, just drives you nuts sometimes."

We watch Gerry wander back on set, part of his codpiece undone.

Zack: "Where the hell you been?"

Gerry: "Hey, you should try to get one of these things off when you have to pis$ really bad."

He cinches it up, a smile on his face.

Zack: "Okay, places every one! We'll take it from Leo going to meet Gorgo at the copse!"

The cute make up girl comes out and powders Gerry's face and touches up his abs, while he wiggles around from the tickling sensation.

Gerry: (smiling broadly) "Sure you don't want to come to my trailer and help me take this stuff off later?"

She just smiles at him sweetly and thinks to herself: "I wonder what this guy just said? I'm glad I look enough like Valya that he hasn't noticed the difference. Got to get back to English class or I'm going to have problems here."

Lena comes out in a new gown and they are set to roll, when Rupert walks in with Loly. She sees Gerry and makes a mad dash into his arms......licking off a good portion of his newly delineated abs as her tongue makes it's way up to her master's face.

Zack: Damn it Rupert! Even the bloody dog can't keep her paws of this guy. Now we have to start over again. MAKE UP!"

Gerry: "Sorry, sorry. She's just glad to see me."

"Now we have to start again.   MAKE-UP!"
After kissing Loly several times, he hands her back to Rupert. The make up girl comes back again and goes through the process.

They are finally ready to shoot the scene and Gerry gets back into Leonidas mode, taking a last sip of water.

The cameras roll.

Leonidas: (talking to his captain) "Captain, take over for me here! I have to meet sweet Gorgo. I hate this meeting in secret but her mother doesn't like me. She says I shout too much. Imagine that?"

Captain rolls his eyes as Leonidas continues.

Leonidas: "She says I'm a horrible dresser too! What do you think?"

Leonidas whirls his purple and yellow cape around for the Captain.

Captain: "Looks fine to me. Don't know why women are so particular. You're lucky she doesn't bitch about your codpiece matching your cape. I get that from my wife all the time."

Leonidas: "Woman! Who can understand them, aye? Imagine having to put up with a bunch of them dogging your every step?"
(scratches his beard)
"And have you ever heard the stuff they talk about? Would make a man blush.(shaking his head).....Thank God Gorgo isn't like that! Sweet thing is even afraid of my sword! (Grins) My big sword. She's got such an even temper she couldn't hurt a fly if her life depended on it. I'll have to toughen her up if she's to be Queen one day. Teach her to use a sword."

Gorgo enters the scene.

Leonidas: (sighing) "Ah, there she is. A vision in white."

He rushes to her side, putting his hands on either side of her arms.

Leonidas: "Let me look at you. You're radiant!"

Not noticing his sandals firmly placed on the hem of her toga, Gorgo steps back, the dress ripping at the bodice, but Lena is quick enough to keep herself from being exposed, crossing her arms over her chest.

Lena: "Shit!"

Gerry: "Oooops!"

Zack: "CUT!"

Zack walks off the set, pulling his hair out.

Zack: "Valium break!"

The events of this story only exist in the fertile imagination of Zanystonate (sto-nah'-te)


I'm sure GB is very professional on set, but it's fun letting my imagination run wild. He and Zack provided ample material to feed said imagination in the cute videos they did together to promote 300, not to mention the suspender incident during PSILY that I exploited with verse on this same board, along with a few other ditties at appropriate times ("You gotta have Vag").

One person's fun is another's pain and I'm bad! I admit it! It's a form of flattery, really...or insanity...I'm not sure which, and probably a bit of both.

Now this is really the end before someone starts wagging fingers or I get accused of exploiting the man for ?? I guess he just makes me smile in the face of life's perversity.


Rupert=Rupert Fowler, Publicist
Loly = Lolita the Pug

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