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300 Prequel: Dating Gorgo - Part 10 Making Up

I hate morning people!

by zonistonate
Thu.  June 28, 2007  02:40:09
Gerry is sitting in the corner drinking his usual extra foamy Starbucks latte looking glum. After talking to the camera operator, Zack wanders over.

Zack: (breezily) Morning sunshine. Are we not awake yet?

Gerry: (grumpily) I hate morning people! I'm here on time. What more do ya want from me?

Zack: If you'd lay off that stuff and drink herbal tea you'd sleep much better.

Gerry: (stone faced) I'm off the fags. Why not just put a knife in ma throat and kill me altogether?

Zack: I'm proud of you Ger. Keep up the good work.

Gerry: Yeah, yeah. Don't patronize me. (bends his head) Just pat ma head and kiss ma as$ why don'tcha!

Zack: (laughing) Speaking of which, did you visit Frank last night?

Gerry: (nervously) No. Did you?

Zack: Yeah. I stopped by for a few moments. You'll be glad to know his hip isn't broken. Just has a sprain. He's going home today.

Gerry: Glad ta hear it. Poor guy's had a tough time of it lately.

Zack: Seems like it doesn't it? I'd like to find the idiot that didn't report the spill.

Gerry's neck sinks lower into his cape.

Zack: You over the Larry King thing? Doesn't look like any lasting fallout.

Gerry: Yeah. I've got a good publicist. I've decided ta give Alan another chance but ahm lettin him sweat it a little before I take him off the hook.

Zack: Good. What do you say we go over some notes I made before we start shooting.

Gerry nods and follows Zack.


Leonidas is standing under Gorgo's bedroom window with about 5 other Greeks, one of them wielding a string instrument. Leonidas calls out softly to Gorgo.

Leonidas: Gorgo darlin. Please come out and speak ta me.

No reponse from the window. After waiting a few moments with no sign of her, Leonidas nods to the man holding the string instrument and he starts playing a popular Spartan melody.

Gorgo appears at the window.

Gorgo: What is it Leonidas? I am still very angry and have nothing to say to you.

Leonidas: (pleading) Sweet Gorgo. Ye've got ta forgive me. I've been miserable without ye and I'm not gettin much sleep. (proudly) As a token of ma remorse, I've brought the "Dancing Zorbas" ta serenade ye.  I even had to send a bunch of ma Spartans ta carry them all the way from Athens. Ye know how those sissy Athenians hate ta get their feet derrty.

I also had ta promise Dilios he could give the toast at our reception so he would go along and bargain with these guys. Ye don't know how that one hurt. His voice drives me ta drink, and ye know I've sworn off the drink after the other night.

Gorgo: There will be no reception, so don't stop on my account.

Not knowing what to say he decides to let the music speak to her heart. He nods to the group and they immediately start performing for Gorgo. Leonidas taps along with his foot and watches Gorgo's face, looking for signs of softening.

Gorgo is captivated, in spite of herself. Leonidas looks so earnest and she wants to forgive him, but her pride has suffered a terrible blow and she needs to set a precedent for this so that he gets the message.

When they finished dancing and the music dies down, she claps and motioning to Leonidas, she thanks him politely and retires.

Crestfallen, Leonidas decides to consult with the Oracle as to whether Gorgo will forgive him. He starts the long climb to the Temple, dreading running into the Ephors whom he finds creepy.

After the arduous climb and dodging thunderbolts, he arrives at the Temple glad to find the Ephors are on retreat in Persia. A servant girl welcomes him and takes him to the Oracle's chamber.

The room appears to be empty so Leonidas decides to speak up.

Leonidas: (in a booming voice) Oh great Oracle, I Leonidas, future King of the Spartans have come ta consult ya in a delicate matter. Won't ye appear to me?

After a few moments a young, dark haired girl wearing a black shawl and a green pin with little firey sparks emanating from it appears.

Oracle: What is it you wish to consult me about Leonidas? It is your lucky day because "I would get to know you", but not in front of the Ephors.

Leonidas: I'm glad ta hear it Oracle. What is yer name?

Oracle: You are not allowed to know my name, but you can call me the "green pin" girl for the sake of civility.

Leonidas: (brightening) Hey, I have a pin just like that one. Are ye sure that's not mine?

Oracle: Of course not. I picked this out of the treasure room just today.

Leonidas: Oh. Well, as you know, ahm from Sparta. Since yer from Delphi, ah know we play by different rules altagether, so you'll have ta bear with me.

Oracle: (puzzled) What the hell are you talking about? With that accent, are you sure you're even from Greece?

Leonidas: (looking miffed) Of course ahm from Greece. Can't ya tell I'm a Spartan through and through?

He puffs out his chest, flexes his muscles and sucks in his gut.

Leonidas: Look at these abs. I come from a long line of Spartans, born and bred.

Oracle: Don't try to charm me Leonidas. I am impartial and that won't work with me.

Leonidas: But, "I am charming." It's in ma nature. Unless I'm being a badass, and kicking as$, of course.

Oracle: I'm not seeing it, but I'll take your word for it. What is this delicate matter you wish to consult me about?

Leonidas: It's about sweet Gorgo, my betrothed. She is very angry with me, seein' as she caught me with ma drawers down, well really sans ma codpiece and in a very compromisin' position with two Persian beauties at ma bachelor celebration.

Oracle: (rolling her eyes) Men!

Leonidas: What?

Oracle: Nothing. What is it you wish to know?

Leonidas: I want to know if ye see her as ma future Queen?

Oracle: Let me step into my swimming tank so I can go into my "trance dance."

She removes her shawl and jumps into a bathtub full of water, where she start undulating, her dress becoming transparent. After a few moments she jumps out of the water and lays on the ground in a trance.

Leonidas eyes are big as saucers. He is uncomfortable with her see through gown which leaves nothing to the imagination. Unsure of what to do about the sudden stirring of his loins, he stares at a point above her.

The Oracle starts mumbling in a low voice. Leonidas steps closer, still avoiding looking at her body and puts his ear near her mouth so he can make out what she is saying.

Oracle: G e t y o ur fe e t o f f m y d r e ssss, y o u oa f !

Part 10: MAKING UP to be continued tomorrow because I'm very tired tonight and getting repetitive.

Disclaimer: This story takes place only in the mind of one tired would be writer and is totally fictitious (well almost totally).

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