Monday, August 23, 2010

Advice to GB While Filming PS I Love You and Pre-300 Release

Hair and Eyebrows for PS I Love You
Dearest Gerry

My dear Gerry, heart of hearts,
how do you put up with all the Tarts?
So many ladies to do your bidding,
Angie, Bianca and me.......just kidding!

Your crazy life might make you wonder,
if there isn't some place a way up yonder
beyond that hill or around that bend
some place to hide and maybe just blend.

My advice to you, dear heart of hearts,
if you want to get away from the girls and Tarts
Please  keep the red hair and red eyebrows too
and you'll never again  have to hide in a  loo!

Come March 9th when 300 comes out,
your amazing  physique everyone will tout,
it won't just be crazy fan girls that will stalk you.
Start practicing now "I'm not into guys...F_ck you!"

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