Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Could the Muse be in Love?

I haven't posted for a while, but I find myself compelled to comment on some recent events that I usually don't comment about...just because I feel like it. Understand that the following is speculative and personal opinion.

All the gossip that has been swirling around since Cannes seems to indicate that very real possibility that G has a girlfriend.  As soon as I looked up the object of his affection and noticed that she shared some very real physical traits with one of his former girlfriends and someone else I think he was probably infatuated with at one time, I thought, YES, he is going to pursue this.  She is a good match for him.  She is very beautiful and very sensual and she is very European, very much what attracts him...at least in a physical way.

I don't know any real facts...just a very quick instant gut feeling the very first picture I saw of them at Cannes.   I typed in her name on Google and watched a video of her speaking and have to say that if he is the man I think he is, underneath all the "for public consumption" stuff, he is probably very infatuated with her.  She seems sweet and fairly intelligent on top of being pretty.  As a matter of fact, when I saw the photograph of Sean Penn grabbing Gerry's arm in Cannes, all I could picture him saying to him was, "You dog!   How did you manage to land that particular fish!"

Yes, she has been out with several actors before and everyone ALWAYS assumes that they broke up with her.  It never occurs to anyone that perhaps after the initial "getting to know" period they were not her cup of tea and she was the one to let them slide?   It never passes anyone's mind that women DO get to choose, even when dealing and turning down very famous male "celebs."  Trust me, they do.   I don't know about any of you females out there, but I choose the men I want and if I am not attracted to them physically or there is no chemistry between us, I don't care how famous or how wealthy they are...it's a no go!  That's just the way it is.

And there it is...   My two cents.   Don't know if it's just an infatuation or whether they are in love.  Either way, the Muse seems very content....with much happening on the professional front and now a lovely girl  (who sounds fairly mature for her age) to warm the cockles of his heart...we will see how he handles the ever present paparazzi and the unavoidable criticism of the fans.   Perhaps he will be too happy to care.  Or perhaps it's just a beautiful fling without legs when the reality of two ambitious careers hits the wall.  Will love (or lust) conquer all?  Time will tell.

Good luck kid...whatever it is...I just hope she doesn't break your heart and that she loves (and GETS) men who are little boys at heart!


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