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No Antagonism Here

by zonistonate   2 hours ago (Wed Apr 23 2008 14:09:43)

To get to the point and, as most of you can tell, I am fond of Gerard Butler. I really don't care if he is silly, immature, narcissistic party boy, calculating, player, sartorially challenged, hip, cool, gay, bi, straight, ironic, naive, etc.... You get the picture.

I find something about him endearingly human in that if there is dog *beep* on the road, he is going to step into it frequently....because he is just plodding along doing what he loves and trying to stay on top of the game. I like that about him. A lot.

For me he does his job by entertaining me and by being what I think is "himself" as much as anyone in the spotlight can be. When he closes his face, sets his jaw and says Do Not Disturb, I respect that. Back off! I don't judge him.

There are a lot of wonderful, decent actors out there, but they just aren't as entertaining off screen. Since the day I came here looking for info on an obscure actor I'd never heard of before, and recognized something about him that was different, in that he seemed to inspire a level of devotion out of proportion to his assets, I've been an admirer. It was at that point I decided to adopt him as a muse and his antics, along with the responses and nature of his fandom/fans, still amuses me and inspire me to write. When that fails, I suppose I'll move along to more adult pursuits.

Part of what attracts me is that GB swings from the ironic cynic to the clueless man-boy and that arc kind of fascinates me. He is like an awkward "puppy dog" that needs protection one moment, but can probably be a dismissive prick when he's been abused too much or gets tired of having to play the game and decides to lick his wounds. I think, as others have said, and he has said himself, he likes to be liked....but that's a hard act to keep up 100% of the time.

From my observation, if he can't cajole you and wear you down to get what he wants from you....whether it be your devotion or a part in a movie or to play a character his way, then he'll use a persuasive hammer....but he has to follow his instincts until someone can prove theirs are better. That reminds me just a little of myself.

I can't speak for other's motivation on the board. I don't wear blinders about the guy, and it is both his strength and frailties and people's reactions to them, that bring me back when I need to focus on something other than some of the heartaches that are part and parcel of being human and alive.

And, as I've said before, I think there is basically a very decent person at the core, and a wickedly humorous one as well. That is what my instincts tell me. Only he can prove me wrong...and maybe he will and then I shall pick up my marbles and go home.


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