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In Defense of the Boy...The Z Report is Born

by zonistonate   3 hours ago (Sat Feb 2 2008 16:18:26)

The Z File
Los Angeles
February 2nd, 2008

We hear our favorite Spartan warrior King Leonidas, aka Gerard Butler is back in LA LA land after spending some time in the exotic locale known as beautiful downtown Albuquerque where he was last seen tearing up the terrain and roughing up various villains in the Neveldine, Taylor action flick Game.

Our sources tell us the single and sometimes frenetic Scot is making the rounds of the usual "seen and be seen" venues of our fair city in an attempt to catch up with some old friends, do some networking and let the powers that be know he is back in town and available, although we have just learned he is going to be starring in another romantic comedy with hot girl about town, Katherine Heigl.

With his star on the ascent, the usually low profile Butler has caught the fancy of the local paparazzi as his insatiable bevy of female fans clamor for news of their now iconic (thanks to 300), toothy idol.

Though the somewhat verbose actor is a conundrum to some and has a growing reputation with the ladies, we find him self effacing in his shyness at times and quixotically boastful and ironic at others.

Which one of these is the real Butler, the "sometimes flying under the radar" actor who has amassed an internet savvy fan base way out of proportion to his hereto "star" quotient? These same fans, some of whom have turned on their idol, have inadvertently placed him center stage in what can only be termed "a comedy of salacious proportions" with their speculative love-hate relationship with the actor.

When last seen, Mr. Butler was the object of an over-active imagination run amok, when one of his many fans posted a blog describing a totally fictitious sexual encounter with said actor. Before posting a clarification that her exercise was purely fiction in the form of a school blogging project, Butler was maligned and laughed at and his sexual prowess (or lack thereof), brought into question by his detractors.

In a separate incident, he was accused of near pedophile status when an innocuous tape of him at a local club/restaurant was interpreted as the 38 year old trying to pick up some under aged females. While Butler has shown a penchant for young, slim beauties, it is hardly a surprise in a city and a business where youth and beauty are touted as the ultimate and where the trophy wife reigns supreme.

Aside from his growing reputation as a manwhore, Butler is also the victim of the usual, "is he gay" speculation associated with almost all Hollywood heartthrobs.

Where does the truth lie in all this speculation? Right now only Mr. Butler knows. What is apparent in all this is that the obsessive (by his own admission) Butler is not bland. Love him or hate him (and it runs the gamut from what we have seen posted on his IMDb website), you can't help but be interested when an innocuous "trip on a curb" brings such comic responses as "serves him right, he was probably drunk" or "poor man, he's probably ill." Our take? He was trying so hard to be cool with all the flashbulbs going off in his face that he forgot about a little thing called a "curb." Hardly a crime.

In a city where losing one's hair is de rigeur, what with the stress, the long hours and the constant cosmetic assault for each role, we imagine that Butler is pulling his out over the microscopic and speculative attention of this massive female fan base he probably loves and hates, in turns, depending on the circumstances.

Stay tuned as we take a closer look at this rising star and his morphing fan base and explore the old adage

"Is any publicity really good publicity?"

Signing off

Zoni with a Z (but pronounced with an S) 

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