Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Gerry!

With the election finally over and my being able to exhale once again, I am somewhat surprised to find that it is already your birthday again.   In the need to write something, as I do every year, I am a bit at a loss for words this time around so I will keep my message simple.

My wishes for your big 43rd and always:

A. Good health and the knowledge and good sense needed to maintain it.
B. Contentment and peace of mind.
C. The love of family, friends and significant others in your life.
D. Clarity about what you want and need, even if the two are different, and the wisdom to know which will make you a happier person.
E. An abundance of passionate, creative energy that will lead you to a more profound sense of who you are and where you fit in the scheme of things and may ultimately light the way to the kind of professional satisfaction you want to achieve.
F.  And last, but not least,  sweet dreams and some good night's sleep to help you focus and keep your looks and your trim physique.

Be happy, keep being kind to the little people and embracing life with curiosity and gusto.

See you around, kid!



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