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300 Prequel: Dating Gorgo - Part 14 Preparations

"Spartans don't cry...and I'm still Leonidas."

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Gerry wanders on the set, the black cloud over his head plainly visible. Zack is cheerily going over some last minute details on a scene with the lighting people When he sees Gerry he jauntily walks over to him.

Zack: What's the matter Ger? You look like you've lost your best friend.

Gerry: (tears barely contained) Ah'm fine. Little *depressed, that's all. Happens to me towards the end of every production.

Zack: (smiling) I thought you'd be glad this is almost over. You've complained enough about it. "The script was bad. Leonidas sounds like an idiot. You're tired of wearing the fuc king codpiece......."

Gerry: Yeah, yeah....don't remind me!  Ah'm a pain in the as$. I know it. It's just that, well... ye get used to working with all these people and ye're almost like a family and then ye gotta move on ta another city and start all over again. It gets ta ye after a while.

Zack: I think we all go through that.

Gerry: Yeah but when when ye're obsessive like me, it's warse. I'm ready ta move on ta something new and different, but a part of me is sad that it's over . I miss the characters, the people ah'm workin with, the routine.... Ahym never in one place long enough ta belong ta anything. Yet at the same time, another part of me craves the excitement of a new place and new faces and the challange of a new role.

Zack: You're just a dedicated guy, that's all.

Gerry: Maybe, but I put so much of maself into my characters, I hate losin' the feelin I get from them and when it's all finished a little part of me goes missin' for a while...... .until a new one comes along and I make myself get obsessed with it and it starts the cycle all over again. Some more than others, but it's a pattern.....

Zack: It's the nature of the beast and you signed up for it.

Gerry: Yeah, I know. It's just that sometimes the beast is me. Ah keep thinkin' everythin' is perfect. This is what ah wanted.....and it is, but......it's like the characters I play complete me and I'm not sure who the me is without em. Does that make sense? And by the time I start figuring out who I am, I'm lookin' fer someone else ta be. When the applause dies down, I start wonderin' if any of it is real. Ye get addicted to the praise and ye need the next fix to get the praise again. It's up and down and up and down. The higher I go the lower ah fall and ah'm not sure I handle it all that well anymore. It's kinda like the love hate relationship with ma fans. I get sick of em, but ah need them ta make it all real fer me. The day ta day stuff.

Zack: You're not alone Ger. All that stuff is what makes some actors so good. Their edge is in their angst.

Gerry: Yeah, ah've heard it all before. (he looks at Zack) It's different for you. Ye have the vision of what ye're going to do and ye go from point A ta point B and ye work hard on it and give it yer all, but ye got a life outside of it. Fer me it IS ma life and ah don't spend enough time between ta make a life and ah'm not sure I want to. Talk about fuc ked up?

Zack: You'll be fine. You're just working too hard. You need a vacation. Some place sunny, with lots of eye candy ripe for the choosing.

Gerry: Nah, I gotta do some publicity for Game and ye know how much I hate going back once I finally move on.

Zack: Yeah. I vaguely remember how ye hated doing some of the stuff for 300.

Gerry: I enjoyed some of it, but.....I had so much goin' on back then. I didn't know which way was up sometimes.

Zack: You seem to be in a better place right now.

Gerry: Yeah, I am. Ah've been workin' on it. I guess I'm just gettin' sad we only have two more days ta shoot. Ferget what I said. Next week it will all feel different. Thanks fer listenin'.

Zack: (patting him on the shoulder) No problem pal. That's what friends are for. We've had our ups and downs, but we've got a lot of water under the bridge.

Gerry: (grinning mischievously) Yeah, and even some over the bridge too, aye?

Zack: (shaking his head) Aye. Shall we get this one shot so we can really start to cry?

Gerry: Not me. As Frank would say, Leonidas is a Spartan and Spartans don't cry. And ah'm still Leonidas......... at least fer two more days.

He straightens his shoulders and walks with Zack onto the set.


Dilios approaches Leonidas, who is polishing his shield.

Dilios: Leonidas, Gorgo has asked me to see if you need any help with writing your vows.

Leonidas: Why thank ye Dilios, but ah think ah can handle this maself. Ah know ye're good with worts, but I have a reputation for ma interestin' way wi them too. Ah've got a good start on em and I'll be finishin' up tonight.

Dilios: Well if you change your mind I'll be at the Hall working on my toasts for your wedding feast.

Leonidas: Er, Dilios?

Dilios: Yes, great Leonidas?

Leonidas: Make sure yer toasts aren't longer than ma vows.

Dilios: (shaking his head) Right.

Dilios starts to leave, then comes back.

By the way, Leonidas. That is some bed Stelios and Astinos just delivered to your house.

Leonidas: Impressive, taint it? Ah bet ye've never see anythin' like it, right?

Dilios: You can say that again!

Leonidas: (proudly) Ah designed it maself. Just fer me and Gorgo. The best woodsmith in all of Sparta carved it. And the mattress itself is stuffed wi bird feathers too! Should see how many birts they had ta shoot down ta get it just right.

Dilios: (under his breath) I'm surprised someone didn't report you to PETA.

Leonidas: Speak up boy! Ah canna hear ye if ye mumble.

Dilios: I said I hope you're serving pigeon at the feast.

Leonidas: Well o' course we are. Ye know how seriously ah take my guardianship of Spartan earth duties. Ah wouldna' kill the poor creatures unless we were goin' ta make use a all o' them. What kinda question was that?

Dilios: I forgot about your Carpathian sensibilities, Leonidas. Combined with your Spartan austerity, how would I think anything else.

Leonidas: Besides, that crook Astragalus wanted 5 drachmas for each one of his chickens. Ah told em ta stuff it. Wi all the birds layin' around, why let em go ta waste.

Dilios: Well, my mother is making dolmades and Pastitsio and Astinos mother is in charge of the Kalamarakia and the Baklava.

Leonidas: Ah'm salivatin' already. It's a good thing Gorgo relented on ma drinkin' fer the feast cause ah had the Retsina and the Ouzo shipped by tanker. Their offloadin' em now.

Dilios: Tanker?

Leonidas: Shipped from Athens. Twill be a feast fer sure.

Dilios: I can hardly wait.

Cut to:

Camera shot of Leonidas new cape and codpiece hanging near the closet next to Gorgo's rose colored wedding gown. The camera pans around the room to take in the colorful walls and draperies then zeroes in on Gorgo and her friend Phoenicia in conversation.

Gorgo: I don't know how I'm going to get used to this place, but Leonidas loves it so, I'm sure I shall.

Phoenicia: (looking around) It is rather interesting for a Spartan, isn't it?

Gorgo: Leonidas is a very colorful man. Don't forget he's part Carpathian.

Phonicia stares at the bed sitting in the middle of the room.

Phoenicia: That is some bed.

Gorgo: (smiling) Yes it is, isn't it? He is so proud of it. He drew up the design himself.

Phoenicia: Won't that big head hanging over you give you nightmares?

Gorgo: Are you talking about Leonidas or the bird?

Phoenicia: (laughing) The bird of course.

Gorgo: Well, Leonidas likes to watch me while I'm asleep and sometimes I wake up from a deep sleep to his head hanging over me in the dark. It scares the hell out of me. I told him not to do it, but he says he loves to watch me "snorin' away," as he put it.

Phoenicia: He does have a way with the words doesn't he?

Gorgo: (laughing) The "worts" and everything else.

Phoenicia: You are the lucky one Gorgo. You know you are the envy of every woman in Sparta?

Gorgo: I realize that. I only hope I can keep him happy.

Phoenicia: Yes, that's the test isn't it? With all the travels and the battles, the temptations to blow of some steam is great for all our men.

Gorgo: And Leonidas' reputation always precedes him. He always has a willing harem waiting wherever he goes.

Phoenicia: Oh, I thought you meant his er...."commanding voice."

Gorgo: (smiling) That too! It's actually pretty kinky sometimes. When he get's all worked up he has a habit of .........well let's just say the ending line to a very passionate session of lovemaking can sometimes be "THAR SHE BLOWS......SPARTAN COMIIINGGG."

They both look at each other and start laughing.


Leonidas is hard at work, finishing up his vows at the Olive Hall. Captain is reading a parchment on modern warfare across the table and Leonidas turns to him.

Leonidas: Captain, how da ye spell "incorrigible?"

Captain: (frowning) Is that even a Greek word?

Leonidas: Of course it tis. Dinna ye go ta Uni?

Captain: Uni? Who is she?

Leonidas: The teacher at Spartan college. Her name was Uni.....short for Unitas

Captain: Well she never taught me that word.

Leonidas: Uhmmmmm, well she used it on me lots a times. Ah was always flirtin wi her. Ah think she liked it, although she said kept insistin' she couldna fraternize wi the students. The wort stuck wi me fer some reason. Thought I'd use it in ma vows.

Captain: How are they coming?

Leonidas: Ah get stuck sometimes, but then I just keep on thinkin' of sweet Gorgo and it get's easier.

Captain: Well I'm certainly looking forward to the wedding feast. It should be a feast to end all feasts.

Leonidas: Yeah, I'm lookin forward ta the part where we drink the Retsina and then pour it on the fire. It's almost like fireworks wi all the sparks......an' ya know how much I like fireworks.

Captain: Well with Namibiala, Rhodesia and Thespacia attending I got a feeling you are going to see plenty of those.

Leonidas: Shhhhh. Ah dinna have the heart to tell them no. Ah'm only hopin' Gorgo doesn't realize they are there. Ah told em they could come if they keep a low profile an they promised they would. There will be so many people there, ah'm sure it'll be fine.

Captain: You sure like to live on the edge Leonidas.

Leonidas: But ye know ma soft heart canna say no ta the ladies.....especially the young and lanky ones. Besides, ye know I never learnt ta play it safe or keep ma mouth shut. I think that's why Uni always called me incorrigible.

Captain: No I suppose not. (shaking his head) Something tells me we're in for one wild night!

Disclaimer: Everything on this page takes place only in the very vivid imagination of the "would be" writer.

*My normal cockeyed optimist was a little blue today.....and I was projecting what my own feelings would be if faced with some of the same circumstances our resident actor faces. Some of it was gleaned from his own words in past interviews.

As for Leonidas.....he is one cool and lovable dude. At least my version of him is.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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