Tuesday, December 25, 2012

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright!

Merry Christmas and a Happy Hanukkah from my house to yours...and may the spirit of the season remain with you and yours throughout the New Year.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Gerry!

With the election finally over and my being able to exhale once again, I am somewhat surprised to find that it is already your birthday again.   In the need to write something, as I do every year, I am a bit at a loss for words this time around so I will keep my message simple.

My wishes for your big 43rd and always:

A. Good health and the knowledge and good sense needed to maintain it.
B. Contentment and peace of mind.
C. The love of family, friends and significant others in your life.
D. Clarity about what you want and need, even if the two are different, and the wisdom to know which will make you a happier person.
E. An abundance of passionate, creative energy that will lead you to a more profound sense of who you are and where you fit in the scheme of things and may ultimately light the way to the kind of professional satisfaction you want to achieve.
F.  And last, but not least,  sweet dreams and some good night's sleep to help you focus and keep your looks and your trim physique.

Be happy, keep being kind to the little people and embracing life with curiosity and gusto.

See you around, kid!



Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Into the Light?

I love when my gut feelings bear fruit (see 6/5/12 post).  I see the Muse and the lovely Madalina are coming out into the light of day in regards to their relationship. Good for them!

Don't know if this will put all the "he's gay because we never see him with a woman" rumors to rest, but who cares?   Whoever the Muse is, it's his life and more power to him for trying to live it his way despite the glare of the pap and the criticism of his mostly supportive, but sometimes terribly possessive fan base, some of whom would rather see him be anything but serious about any one woman.

And kudos to Ms. Ghanea for being strong enough to withstand the criticism from some of the kooks out there who feel Gerard Butler is their personal white knight.   If that is what some of his admirers need in exchange for their devotion, I suggest they try to fall in love with his on screen characters and let the real man live out his own fantasies.  He is human, you know?

If his fans really want to prove their devotion to this actor, please see one of my previous posts titled "What a Man Needs" because besides your good wishes in regard to his personal life,  he needs your support to help make his next two movies a success at the box office.

Good luck dear Muse and hope this relationship holds what you both want and need for however long it lasts... because, unfortunately, we know that too many Hollywood relationships come with an expiration date.  Actually, to be honest, and IF the statistics are to be believed, too many non Hollywood ones do too.

Does saying that make me a cynic?  Not really, it makes me a little sad though.



Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Friday, August 24, 2012

Motor City and the New Super Max Commercial

Two interesting things concerning the Muse happened a few nights ago.  First of all I finished reading a draft of Motor City I'd started earlier in the day. Secondly, before going to bed, I happened on a website that had just posted a link to a new Super Max Commercial featuring a clean shaven, long haired Gerry and several pretty ladies, one them being his much speculated "personal" leading lady.

I found the young lady in question extremely attractive and quite effective in the commercial and the interplay between them was very cute and...well...sexy.

I found the commercial appealing and pretty much in line with the L'Oreal commercials in the sense that they both dealt with "what it means to be Gerard Butler" or a  "day in the life of Gerard Butler," which,  it seems, includes women reacting in a very positive way (with lots of touching) to the smooth skin on his clean shaven face.

When I watched it the first time, I had to laugh a little because without his scruff, the Muse's nose was more prominent than normal and his face a little pale, probably due to the fact that most of it has not seen the light of day for a good while now.  And, since we've not seen him clean shaven in a long time, there seemed to be less elasticity to his skin than when he was a bit younger and heavier.

Another thing that made the Muse look a little strange was that the lighter hair, which looked great in Mavericks,  was minus the "life of it's own" it usually displays.  It was wetted down and coiffed to perfection, like he'd just stepped out of a salon....and Gerry is not the "perfection" kind of guy.

We did get a little more of the messy look towards the end with a male "bonding over sports," scene.

Aside from these initial reactions and after a second view, I realized I liked the commercial because it took me back to something I've always said about him, that it is the animation of his face and the eyes which lends Gerard Butler his attractiveness...his charm, if you will, and is why a lot of still photographs never do him justice.  The looser skin in his face worked very well in this commercial because the ladies were sure enjoying moving it around and because it allowed him to be very expressive.  And it is that expressiveness and animation that leads me into the second topic, his starring role as John Miller in Motor City.

As most of you will know by now,  Motor City is a movie about revenge, which features little or no dialogue.  The very short script (at least the draft I read) features non stop action from start to finish.   As I was reading it, it reminded me of every other revenge movie I've seen with a little of Scar Face and a scene reminiscent of Godfather thrown in.

Having said that, what makes it "different" from a lot of your run of the mill revenge films is the almost total lack of dialogue.   In my opinion, this "silence" will be the saving grace of the movie because it will be a force the actors to display their talents and tell us the story with their expressions and the use of their bodies in movement or stillness.  They cannot do it in "The Artist,""silent movie"  kind of way, but will be forced to do it in a more dark, understated,  film noir kind of way and say much with eyes and pauses and nervousness, to show hatred and  blind stubbornness and perseverance and rage and anger just with body language.   This is a little bit of the kind of thing I said I wanted to see Gerry do and I hope the filmmakers don't flesh it out too much and lose the few little moments of intimacy of the story or just make it about the cars and the chases and the violence.  If they do that it will lose something in translation to the screen and will have nothing to distinguish it from all the other movies of the type we've seen.

I think the casting will be very important for the supporting roles and I also hope the female cast for the role of Sophia will fit the part.  Although her screen time with the lead may not be all that great, she is the axis around which the pivotal males roles dance.

I am looking forward to seeing how the filmmakers handle this movie, the different looks of the main characters as the storyline encompasses different time periods and goes both backward and forward in time.  I love nothing better than reading a script and then seeing what they do with the final product.  Sometimes it is disappointing and sometimes it's not.  I hope this is one of those times when I will be pleasantly surprised at how well they translate the screenwriter's vision.

And I hope the Muse will show us what he can do, given the chance to act with some of his best tools, his face and his body.

I understand Adrian Brody has signed on to play the main antagonist.  After reading that, I wonder if a certain young lady will read for the part of Sophia.  I certainly could picture her doing it.

Now that would really be interesting casting...if we let our imaginations run wild!

I also wonder if Mickey Rourke wasn't originally cast for the role Savick?   I really couldn't picture him  as Ramirez and think Brody the better choice for that one.

With several more roles to be filled,  it will be interesting to see what further develops with this project.

I guess I will stay tuned in.


Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

What a Man Needs

I've been reading all the articles and blogs about the race to the theaters between the Muse's Olympus is Down and the Channing Tatum starred White House Taken and feel the need to comment about it. Some bloggers are asking which movie will be a hit and which one will be the miss and people have been weighing in on both sides.   A few of Gerry's fans are posting in the comments section to support him.

Some of you will forgive me if I step on some toes here, but if I'm going to write anything, I have to be honest about it, so here goes.

It is my opinion that the movie which will be the most successful of the two will very much depend on each actor's releases between now and then.   If the Muse's next two movies are well received and have good box office receipts, chances are Olympus Has Fallen will do well.   If they do not do well, then White House Taken will be the winner.   That is the name of the game.  Winners breed winners in Hollywood and you are only as hot as your last movie.  That is the fact unless you are Meryl Streep or Robert De Niro with a long resume of hits.

As I read the comments in defense of Gerry on some of these blogs, I start to wonder if perhaps his fans might do him a bigger favor by NOT saying how gorgeous he is and how you have been a fan forever, but by saying outright a very unemotional..."My vote is for OIympus is Down and I will be in a seat on opening weekend to support it!"   Because ladies, that is EXACTLY what it will take to make any of Gerry's movies successful...the box office numbers on opening weekend and nothing else.  That is the way it is in moviedom at the moment.   If the numbers are not there the rumble starts that brings a movie down.  Even if the critics don't like it, box office receipts are king in this town.

The trailer for Playing for Keeps was just released today.   It looks like a sweet movie where Gerry gets to play Gerry with some very cute kids and some very pretty co-stars. I'm sure it has more depth to it than that and if it doesn't get a lot of competition on its opening weekend, it is likely to do well.   BUT, if it doesn't get good numbers....it will disappear quickly.  The same goes for Chasing Mavericks, which I think may do better because it will get the surf enthusiasts who will go just to see the waves and the surfing....but that won't be enough.

Now the thing with the Gerard Butler is that while he has a lot of "fan boys" who loved him in 300, they are not going to go see him in "Playing for Keeps."   They want to see the action adventures where he "kicks ass" and that is what they will go see.  Some of them may show up for Chasing Mavericks but it's a fickle audience and  it could just as well go the other way.

Gerry's female fan base, by and large, is made up of mostly middle aged and older women who think he is adorable.  Adorable and 50 cents will get him nothing though if they do not swarm to the theaters on opening weekend to view his movies.   I don't care how much you love him or how much time you spend on the internet singing his praises or answering negative comments from others....if you wait for his movies to come out in DVD your love and admiration will not do anything for him.  What the man needs is for you to purchase a ticket to see Chasing Maverick and Playing the Field on opening weekend.  Then if the movies pull in enough date night couples and surfers they will have a chance to make decent numbers.  And those decent numbers will dictate if Gerard Butler's movie Olympus is Down will make the box office it needs to beat White House Down.

It's as simple or complicated as that.  It's all in the numbers and if the movies make the numbers they will be in theaters longer and his name will be out there and it will prove he can be a box office draw and that 300 was not just a fluke.  I actually wish he had a decent action adventure movie coming out first, but that is not the case.

So here's what you do, even if you think you will not be able to go to a theater on opening weekend, for whatever reason, or the movies are not playing in your neck of the woods just yet.   First of all, you save your pennies.  Then you go on the internet to movietickets.com or Fandango or ArcLight or whatever theater it is playing near you and buy your opening weekend tickets online.  See...it's like voting by absentee ballot in case you are ill or going on vacation and can't make it to the polls on voting day.   It's a guarantee that your vote will be counted no matter what your situation.   Only for Gerry's movies, you will be voting with your pocketbook.   AND, if you can make it to the theater, all well and good.   But for those of you who can't...you will have put your money where your mouth is and where your admiration for this actor is...and that is what this particular man needs from you at the moment.

Soooo, if you think Chasing Mavericks and Playing for Keeps look wonderful or adorable or whatever you feel about it...purchase a ticket for opening weekend!  Do your bit.  Just like you would support your favorite candidate for President or your Representative or Senators by making even small donations to their campaigns and feel good that you are doing your part to get these people elected, so it is with your favorite actors.

The Muse needs your vote of confidence, not just your admiration.  The way movies come and go today...you have to support the ones you want to see so that Hollywood will know this is what you want to see more of.  With so many big movies that have flopped lately, executives are rethinking where they will put their money.

If you want to see more of the Muse onscreen, then vote with your dollars.  But remember....do it opening weekend!  It still may not be enough, but you will have done your part and voted your taste.

That is all that is in me today.  It's too hot and I'm going to sit outside with a cool drink and my Ipod and daydream a little, looking at the stars.

Hopefully it's clear in Shreveport and the Muse is able to sit outside (slathered with lots of repellent) and enjoy his lake side perch if only for a moment before hitting the sack.  I'm sure he's exhausted from the long hours of filming and the brutal heat...but if he could read this post I absolutely know he would agree with what I've said here.

Goodnight moon.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Writer's Block and The Muse

I have been very lazy about posting lately and that is NOT a good thing for a person who has a blog.  I'm still suffering from some serious writer's block, not to mention watching another beloved relative dealing with a devastating disease.  It's bad enough seeing my darling Annie forgetting how to cough and struggle for breath, but now a dear brother-in law has been diagnosed with ALS.  You can imagine the specter of that one.  This person has been a member of our family for longer than any of us can remember and watching him deteriorate and come to grips with it is very sad.

A born optimist, I try not to let this kind of thing get me down to the point where I cannot be helpful to those that need me, but for some reason this has struck me fairly hard.  Already suffering from the stupid writer's block, this has added another dimension to the problem, a lingering depression that is hard to shake off despite the smiling, cheerful face I turn to the world.  I can't afford to be down because I am the one that gets everyone up.  It's just that simple.  So if they can struggle to stay alive, then I should be able to get moving and write, right?

Well apparently not so simple because I seem to want to do everything but put my mind to doing the work that I need to do to get past it.  I have read several books that touch on the subject and purchased a CD that gives subliminal messages to line up the right and left brain while listening to heavy rain on pavement. I've listened to part of it once and haven't touched it again.  I'm not sure it will work, but just posting these thoughts on here tonight is a start.  I am suddenly feeling hopeful.

Last night I went out to dinner and took along a script that needs serious revision.  It is not the one I sent out for professional critique (I haven't been able to touch it since I got it back and that's when all the trouble started), but a romance/comedy that I think has possibilities with a good general overhaul. I have all but decided not to write anymore screenplays, but to concentrate on novels/fiction instead,  however I really want to give the ones I have written a chance to survive before I switch, so...

Anyway, the fact I got some work done yesterday has made me very happy and I think it might have been the breakthrough I needed.  It was also very flattering that some guy, who was having dinner on his own (a sometime actor with a sag card) came over and started up a conversation.  He was terribly complimentary but said he was hesitant to ask me out because he felt I would find him too old.   When he told me his age I laughed at the fact I had four years on him and told him so.  I probably shouldn't have...but I'm not a good liar.  He was flabbergasted and told me he thought I was amazing.   We talked for a while longer and shook hands and he left.   Fifteen minutes later he comes back and said he wanted to see me again and asked for my phone number.  I was hesitant to give it to him, but did, thinking he would go home and think about not wanting to date a woman older than he when there are so many young ones out there.  Besides that, he's not really my type, but he did stroke my vanity and in my present state, that is one thing that always picks me up.  I already have an archeologist who is pursuing me and he's not my type either...so what's one more so "not my type" ringing me up?

Now, since I've gotten my feet wet again putting down these few sentences and getting a few things off my chest, I shall turn to the Muse, after all, that is the purpose of this blog...to muse about the Muse.

In that vein, I've been reading a little about his current projects and know he is in Shreveport again, filming Olympus is Down.  I do hope they keep that name for the movie.   It's certainly better than White House Taken/Down.  But dumbing down for the masses is so prevalent in Hollywood, they feel  they have to hit you over the head with the titles so that you will understand it's an action adventure.  I think people can be trusted to understand that when they say Olympus...they are talking about the seat of power (as Mt. Olympus was the home of the Gods who ruled ancient Greece) and a good code name for the White House.

What's in a look?  A lot.
I must say I was disappointed to see Gerry cut/darken his hair and shave for this role, but it was to be expected for an ex secret service agent.  He has to play to type.  The problem is that I had gotten used to seeing his longer mane and found the look he employed for Mavericks (yes I know it is now Chasing Mavericks...but rebel that I am I shall still call it Mavericks)...quite good for him, particularly when his hair wasn't sticking out in all directions.  I also like facial hair on him.  He is one of the few men that can get away with it and look good.  I also understand he shaved for a commercial he did for a blade company. Hopefully we will get to see it!

Buttoned Up
I saw the trailers for Mavericks and it looks promising.  I had heard some things about the project that didn't sound too encouraging, but I expect it may give the Muse a chance to display his charms. He certainly provides the physical eye candy for the movie...so I hope his acting is  good too!  His watchability quotient is high with me still, so I will go see it opening weekend and hopefully it will prove a person who mentioned it wasn't very good, wrong.  As male egos go in Hollywood, one has to take these kinds of critiques with a grain of salt.  Perhaps this person (who was involved in the project) didn't have a good experience in whatever it was he did for the film.  I didn't ask, as I am a closeted admirer of the Muse and showing undue interest in the conversation going on across the table that afternoon at the Chateau Marmont would have outed me.

With Playing the Field and Mavericks both coming out soon and a slew of new projects on his docket, I think it is safe to say that we will be hearing a lot about Gerard Butler for quite a while.   I am still waiting to see that spark of the "romantic" lead I saw in him years ago come to fruition on some project.  I get that he is good at the action stuff, but in my eyes, until he plays a serious romantic lead, I'm not sure he will live up to the early promise.  I like who he is as a person, but more than that I want to like what he can become on the screen. When I go to see one of his movies,  I want to come away in love with his screen persona again.

Sexy coming through the character?

I thought he was very good in Coriolanus, a little less so in Machine Gun Preacher, though he had some very bright moments and he was a wonderful King Leonidas in 300, but he hasn't made me believe him quite like I did in The Jury and in Dear Frankie, where the look in his eyes was enough to make me believe he was that tall, quiet stranger who could say so much with a look.  I will be looking for that quality to shine through again in each of his movies and hope fame hasn't killed it in him.

He's still one of the sexiest looking actors out there, even among the crop of young actors who are all the rage now, but I want to see a sexiness from him onscreen that doesn't shout it out ... the kind that needs not speak it to be it...the kind that just "is" because it is a part of who he is and it naturally melds with the character he plays.

I know he is keeping a low profile these days and I think that is good for his career.  Like I've said before...maybe he is growing up a little.  Oh, not in the "stiff upper lip" kind of way...but perhaps in the not having to be so "out there" all the time to be famous, kind of way.  I want (and he should want) his fame to come as much from his performances as it does from his persona.

Either way, I'm still here, maybe not to comment so much on his personal life, but always on how"I" react to what he does on the screen (and off) and on his ability to make me "feel" something for the character he is playing.  I actually want him to "be" the character not just to "play" him... and in the end...I want to be cheering for both of them to triumph!

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Could the Muse be in Love?

I haven't posted for a while, but I find myself compelled to comment on some recent events that I usually don't comment about...just because I feel like it. Understand that the following is speculative and personal opinion.

All the gossip that has been swirling around since Cannes seems to indicate that very real possibility that G has a girlfriend.  As soon as I looked up the object of his affection and noticed that she shared some very real physical traits with one of his former girlfriends and someone else I think he was probably infatuated with at one time, I thought, YES, he is going to pursue this.  She is a good match for him.  She is very beautiful and very sensual and she is very European, very much what attracts him...at least in a physical way.

I don't know any real facts...just a very quick instant gut feeling the very first picture I saw of them at Cannes.   I typed in her name on Google and watched a video of her speaking and have to say that if he is the man I think he is, underneath all the "for public consumption" stuff, he is probably very infatuated with her.  She seems sweet and fairly intelligent on top of being pretty.  As a matter of fact, when I saw the photograph of Sean Penn grabbing Gerry's arm in Cannes, all I could picture him saying to him was, "You dog!   How did you manage to land that particular fish!"

Yes, she has been out with several actors before and everyone ALWAYS assumes that they broke up with her.  It never occurs to anyone that perhaps after the initial "getting to know" period they were not her cup of tea and she was the one to let them slide?   It never passes anyone's mind that women DO get to choose, even when dealing and turning down very famous male "celebs."  Trust me, they do.   I don't know about any of you females out there, but I choose the men I want and if I am not attracted to them physically or there is no chemistry between us, I don't care how famous or how wealthy they are...it's a no go!  That's just the way it is.

And there it is...   My two cents.   Don't know if it's just an infatuation or whether they are in love.  Either way, the Muse seems very content....with much happening on the professional front and now a lovely girl  (who sounds fairly mature for her age) to warm the cockles of his heart...we will see how he handles the ever present paparazzi and the unavoidable criticism of the fans.   Perhaps he will be too happy to care.  Or perhaps it's just a beautiful fling without legs when the reality of two ambitious careers hits the wall.  Will love (or lust) conquer all?  Time will tell.

Good luck kid...whatever it is...I just hope she doesn't break your heart and that she loves (and GETS) men who are little boys at heart!


Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Thursday, May 10, 2012

New York City And Other Trivia

I see that the Muse is back in New York City and looking very fine in an Alexander McQueen tux while attending the Met Gala a few days ago.   I am quite jealous of him as it is something I would love to do one day....The Met Gala.    But I am also jealous that he is in NY and I am not.  I thought I was quite over my post vacation blues, but looking at the photos make me wish I was back there again.   I had such a good time.

I see that he was at the Standard.   D and I had dinner there one night then retired to the Boom Boom Room for drinks and some jazz.   The room, I assume, is named after the famous old Boom Boom Room, once a staple of the jet setters/movie stars who frequented The Fountainbleau Hotel in Miami Beach.  I have fond memories of dancing to my heart's content with a 33 year old date one night (I was all of sixteen)...in a group that included my older sister, of course.   Decked out in fitted black lace dress that belonged to her and with my hair swept up in a French twist, I  thought myself very sophisticated.  Luckily I never once got carded in the many times we went dancing to similar venues the year we lived there.

But getting back to the 18th floor of The Standard....it has a spectacular view and here are a few photos D took with her I Phone.  She's been there quite a few time and knew I would like it.

The last photo is what you see while seated ON the toilet of one of the ladies rooms in front of the floor to ceiling tinted windows.   It's a very interesting feeling...to say the least....

Another fun thing we did, which Gerry has probably done, is attend a midnight show of the interactive production called "Sleep No More."   It is a voyeur's delight and put on by a British Company.   The story is based on Shakespeare's Macbeth.  Everyone who attends wears a carnival mask so he could theoretically have gotten away with attending without a lot of notice.

See the link below and scan through the photos and the article.  I adored the music played throughout the production.   Like the movie The Artist, it borrowed heavily from the Vertigo score in addition to some great old 30's tunes.   There are nods to other Hitchcock movies too.  You will note the McKittrick Hotel is where Kim Novak's character (playing Carlotta) used to go to in the afternoons.

No one under 16 admitted to Sleep No More (some nudity) and I had to giggle when one of the actresses took off her clothes a few feet from us and some lady grabbed her husband (or boyfriend) and dragged him out of the room.  I had the impression she was dragging him out by the ear.  Boy did she forget to read about the show!

Dear Dr. Avatar (as I call my wizard) said he also attended Sleep No More and found it interesting.  He is a darling man and if I were a gay man, I would so go for him.  He has the nicest way about him and the prettiest eyes.  He truly is a wizard.  I came home looking refreshed and rested thanks to his light touch and caring manner.

Sleep No More is only playing through the middle of May, so if any of you live or are visiting in the area, see what you think of it.   We left the Manderlay bar/cabaret at 3:10 a.m. after listening to a group with a jazz singer and then another blues act.  Then we went for some good, crusty NY pizza.  I was hungry again, even though we had a nice, long pre-show dinner at Indochine. We ate at the bar where the cute waiter took excellent care of us.


The pizza joint we went to after the show was jam packed at 3:30 in the morning.   Only in NY.  The city that never sleeps.   I love it!

Link for Sleep No More in the NY Times.


This is the reminder we got for the show.

On another day we walked through Central Park to see all the spring bulbs (as well as the New Yorkers) blooming.  Afterwards we walked to Bergdorf's for some refreshments on the seventh floor.   I had a light, fizzy rum and champagne cocktail and D had a Cucumber Pimm's cup concoction to accompany some crab dip and the hummus plate.  We got into an interesting conversation with a securities broker.  There's a view of Central Park and it was  a nice break from all the walking we did.

Another fun thing we did was go to Eataly.   We sat at the pasta bar and had two different pastas and salad and wine.  They were both so good.  One was a ravioli with a lemony pistachio sauce and the other a peppardelle with a short rib ragu.   After walking through the place, we bought orange flavored cannolis and some espresso with a shot of foam and took them across the street to Madison Square Park to enjoy dessert and do some people watching.

We went back to Eataly on another night to buy some things and had wine and prosciutto with some cheeses and a very small, sweet, fried soft shell crab at the same stand up marble topped bars that Mario Battali and Nancy Silverton feature at Osteria Mozza.   D and I were having dinner at I'l Buco that night, but not until ten o'clock, so that little anti-pasta would tide us over until then.  We bought a bunch of stuff to take home to have the next day when D's boyfriend was coming over.   We also bought three bottles of wine to do a Rose´ wine tasting in anticipation of summer.

For those of you not familiar with Eataly, see the link below.  I'm sure Gerry has been there.  Just be sure your eyes don't buy more than your mouth can eat.  It is terribly tempting for those of us who love Italian food.


D, her boyfriend D and I went to dinner at Raoul's on another night and after a dozen oysters, a beet salad, an artichoke and a seafood pasta course, we ordered two pepper steaks with french fries (the best).   We came away thinking there were some very perverse cooks in the kitchen.  Perhaps it was a slow night due to some heavy rainfall and they had time on their hands. Take a look at the steak and tell me what it looks like.

Yes, it was delicious, and D and I especially appreciated the shape.  Perhaps it was a nod to the female clientele, since there is plenty of artwork of females in various states of undress on the walls to entice the male eye.  Leave it to the French to make it about food and sex.  No wonder we love this Soho eatery!

Another thing I enjoyed on this trip was stopping to visit the old Trinity Church graveyard in the middle of the Financial District after a somber visit to the 9-11 Memorial at ground zero.  D says she sometimes goes and sits in the little graveyard to enjoy a snack after her boxing classes and when I saw it I immediately gravitated towards it.

And here are some photos from ground zero and Central Park.

So much for going to bed early tonight!  Hope Gerry is getting good weather in NY and that he enjoys the city as much as I always do!  He has some promising  projects coming up and it will be interesting to see which ones actually get made.

I wish him luck, as always....and hope they don't make him cut his hair for any of them.  I suppose that's too much to hope for.  He does look fine with his lovely mane.  I'm jealous of that as well.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring is Here - Easter, Passover, Tartan Week and Taxes

Busy little month April.

Taking the latter first so as to end the post on a more pleasant note, I am still cranky over my tax burden this year. Who the hell thought of having property taxes come due at the same time as income taxes, not to mention having to pay quarterly estimated taxes for next year too?  The dude must have been a real joker. Poor D is getting used to being hit with both NYC and California taxes, in addition to Federal and she's scrambling to pay it.  No wonder the Muse is looking so happy to have several projects on his calendar. He must go into shock at tax time too, with properties on both coasts in addition to taxes on his healthy income.  We all know taxes are part of the price we pay for living the lives we do and I'm not complaining, but I do wish they would stagger the due dates a little...like every other year for property taxes would be nice.

On to more pleasant things, tomorrow is Easter Sunday and Passover started Friday night.   To everyone   who observes these two holidays celebrating the renewal of life and hope, a blessed and lovely time sharing the traditions of your faith with family and friends.   For the pagans out there (and we are all a little pagan, I think)  mother nature is putting on her dazzling yearly display and showering us with some lovely spring fever to accompany the rising pollen count (every silver lining comes with cloud attached).

New York City Tartan Day Parade 

As for Tartan week, this is the first time in the last three years that I am not in NYC for its events and I sorely miss it.  All those lovely kilted men displaying their charms (and some a little more of them then others) at Dressed to Kilt had to do with one less admiring glance this year.  I won't be arriving in the city until the 19th for a ten day visit to get my big city fix and need to get on the ball to make a few show and dinner reservations.  I've already schedule a visit with my favorite wizard for a "spring renewal" of my own too!

I just finished watching Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close tonight and that, along with seeing a photo of Gerry riding his bike in shirtsleeves in the West Village,  made me even more eager to visit one of my favorite cities, not to mention spending time with one of my favorite people, my daughter D. I hope the good weather holds up so we can take a long walk in Central Park. I'm looking forward to sitting in D's patio and seeing the flowers and bulbs we planted last year in bloom.  I am also looking forward to getting better acquainted with her new boyfriend.

I went to an opening night art exhibit featuring some wonderful international photography last week in West Hollywood and there were so many photographs of NYC (in different eras and seasons,  as well as some 3 D ones) and of  San Francisco and some of my favorite European cities, that I have the itch to visit them again.  I wish I could move around as freely as the Muse does.  I do envy him the ease with which he just picks up and goes.  I suppose there are benefits to being sartorially challenged and "devil may care" about it too!  One of his recent outfits was positively Dickensian,  top hat and coat straight out of Oliver Twist.

A very Dickensian looking Gerry auditioning for a Broadway gig?
Here he is, looking normal (whatever that is for Gerry)  and sticking his tongue out at the paparazzi for intruding on his tranquility.

And Raspberries to you, fella!

Last time I was in NY (on the way back from Paris)  I picked up a new suitcase.   The handle on my trusty old Tumi got stuck and even though it was a little battered, those bloody things last forever.  It's sitting in D's spare closet and I have to figure out how to get it repaired and back here.  My new one is even larger and more rugged, but I seriously have to learn to pack lightly.   I have a friend who travels all the time and she packs a leather carry on and a small cosmetic bag and that is it.  I don't think I will ever travel that light, but then she doesn't wear dresses and does fine with one pair of shoes for the whole trip.  Not even in my dreams...

I am sure the Muse will be on the move again soon, but it's good to see him doing his thing, which, as usual, means having fun hanging out with his buds.  And why not?   Spring is here and NYC is home  for him too, isn't it?

Wishing you all some spring fever of your own...


Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The April Fool (Reprint)

The real smile 3/12.
I wrote this in April 2008 as part of the Z Report series I used to post on IMDb.  While a few things have changed, more of it remains the same and thought perhaps it was worthy of a second look.

Gerry is off doing reshoots for Playing The Field and I will be very curious to see the finished product and glad they are revisiting it if they felt it needed something extra to give it more of a chance to glow during the Holidays.

It's a beautiful, clear windy day in La La land and watching the ice caps roiling the ocean from my bedroom window, I am ready for short nap after a very late night discussing the world and its many inhabitants,  cities, social and other  media and every topic under the sun with some of the most interesting people...  A "salon" is the perfect type of gathering to bring people of all ages, nationalities and viewpoints (mostly connected with the arts in some way, though) together and I am exhausted today from all the mental stimulation.  Life is good...


...and tonight is Mad Men!

To all the April Fools out there, have a lovely one!  And to the Muse... I wish him safe, happy travels and lovely sunsets when the work is done!   It feels like a good year...

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Muse at Sexy Sur

It seems the Muse was out and about and enjoying the charms of Sur in West Hollywood.  Sur and her sister restaurant Villa Blanca in Beverly Hills are both quite nice and enjoy a "Moroccan" flavor to the decor with their Spanish-Middle Eastern-No. African influences.  I've been to both places and they are very charming and exotic in a "Midnight at the Oasis" kind of way (I love that song).

I hope he enjoyed the food too.  Villa Blanca has a dish similar to my mom's chicken fricasse' which was rich in spices, olives, raisins, and cut up potatoes.   Will have to check out the menu next time to see if Sur serves it.  I'm getting hungry just thinking about it and it's almost 2:30 a.m.  Darn!  Wonder if mom included it in all the recipes she wrote down for me when I got married so many years ago.   I remember that she (as grandma taught her) always served it over rice but it is wonderful over couscous too!

We've been having great weather in La La Land and it looks like G has been making the most of it while he's here.   I wonder how long he shall grace us with his presence?  Not long, I think, as the man is always on the move and I don't think he can stand to be in one place for too long before he starts getting antsy.

Laker Game

He's been keeping company with the likes of producer Avi Lerner (Playing the Field), who has floor seats right next to uber Laker fan Jeffrey Katzenberg (DreamWorks) and in those photos it looked like he just rolled out of bed from an afternoon nap and just in time to make the game.   At least I am assuming he was napping, although with Gerry's reputation one never knows if he actually was sleeping or ....

Well...never mind!   It's always nice for actors to be in the good graces of the people with the clout to get movies made and, as we've observed before,  Gerry does pretty well in that regard.

Life seems to be going well for Mr. B. at the moment.  Let's hope his troubles are behind him and he is smart enough to keep his nose clean.  I like to see him when he's up.

Oooops!  Did I just really write that? (grins)

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Another New Project...

...and a parental visit in sunny L.A. look to be a few of the things keeping the Muse busy these days.  It was a great day to be out of doors and except for the ever present pap, which they are doing their best to ignore, it looks like they are enjoying their visit to Farmers Market and The Grove.   It is a destination for a lot of people who come to L.A. and you can always see some celebs there if you look carefully.

I am also happy to see that G. has a new project on the horizon called Olympus Has Fallen.  This one sounds more promising than the other (unless the script IS really brilliant) and I am keeping my fingers crossed they can attract a decent director to helm it.   As an action film,  I am also hoping  he will have learned to be more accepting of using a stunt double for the more harrowing of the action sequences to protect himself from further injury.  All the fame and money in the world can't make it up to you when your body starts falling apart.

I think G is looking good these days.  I particularly like the way he looks in the photo below.  Don't know if it is just my imagination or maybe wishful thinking, but his look is direct and clear here.  Let's hope his substance problems are behind him.   He will always have to be doing reality checks because of who he is and because of the career he has chosen.   I wish him luck.  It can't be easy.

If he can stay off the booze and the cigarettes, perhaps he's up to the task of this one too.  I am fond of this person and I'd hate to see him be chewed up by excesses of fame.

I had a very interesting conversation with a friend of mine over dinner tonight concerning certain recreational substances and why people use them and what they personally did for him at one time, but I'll save a bit of that conversation (me probing down to the nitty gritty and he enlightening me) for the other blog.

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Brilliant? Hopefully!

The Muse has another project on the horizon.   I am sure he will be happy to work with his Ugly Truth director again, since he had so much fun doing the last movie with him. Hopefully (seems I'm always hoping on this blog) this is not another silly comedy with a lackluster script and that he gets a quality co-star he has some "real" on screen" chemistry with and a tight story that will keep it in theaters longer than a week.

I would love to see someone with a little gravitas as his female co-star...someone with a certain "onscreen charisma" of her own that would add to the plot.  Off the bat the only two that come to mind with the "charisma card" at the moment  are Marion Cotillard or Berenice Bejo (she was great in The Artist). These actresses aren't cutesy types and they can act, plus they have a "vulnerability" side to them.  I'm thinking their accents would add a separate dimension...perhaps some confusion of the comic kind between the leads due to language misunderstanding?  Or perhaps you could keep your accent for this one if the script permits.

Sorry.   I really know nothing of this script but my vivid imagination can't help making some suggestions that "I" would include to up the ante on a romantic relationship, especially in a comedy.   There has to be a serious side to a protagonist, even in a comedy, to make him really "whole" as a character.  The comedy has to come from his natural wit and the writing, but he has to have some gravitas himself to be able to pull off the "romance" side of it...so he will be unforgettable past the theater door.  Hopefully he is not just a "boob" a la Hangover type.  Clueless male is okay off screen, but onscreen, we women want to be "wowed" by those we think should be classic leads.

Perhaps I am hoping too much here.  Time will tell where he is going.

I have to assume that since his last few outings (Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher) have not provided a big payday, this one serves that purpose, since he is not producing.  The plot for Brilliant,  as it is presented in the few articles on this project, has been replayed too many times already (Sean Connery and Katherine Zeta Jones, one of the Ocean's 11 movies, etc....).  Hopefully this one will have a unique twist somewhere in it that will make it different.  Look at Katherine Heigl...the best work she has done has been on television in Gray's Anatomy, otherwise she has been typecast and just keeps playing the same character in most of her movies....  To think she was my favorite character in Gray's at one time.  I wonder if Luketic is looking at reuniting the same team for this flick?

I do understand Gerry wanting something light and not too physical in the action sense that will provide a comfortable set and some offscreen fun as well, after his "near death" and "rehab" experiences and can't begrudge him this. However, dear Muse, I do hope the two you have in the can already are entertaining (and the comedy, witty).  I did so enjoy watching you have some serious on screen chemistry with someone...even if that someone was male (R. Fiennes in Coriolanus).

Now why does that sound familiar?

As always, I wish you the best and hope (there it is again...that word) that I am pleasantly surprised by this one if, or when,  it comes to fruition.


Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Monday, February 27, 2012

Hooray for Hollywood! Return of the Swan.

Ready or not, this is show biz and the show must go on and so the muse is back in business and showing the world he is fit for whatever comes his way!

He certainly looks well.  Let's hope the "happy dust" was not an issue in addition to the pain pills.

There is this fellow who has been doing happy dust since college.  Whenever he was in L.A. and before she moved to NY,  he always used to call D.  She knows all his secrets and doesn't let him get away with shit, so just before going into rehab (in Malibu) a few years ago, she spent the night holding his hand (funnily enough at The Sunset Towers).  He didn't stay in rehab for long...but he seemingly functions just fine.  He also has nine lives.  His father died when he was very young and he thinks he's destined for the same fate, so he lives it up and lives all over the globe.  He's even concocted parts of a past that never happened for public consumption and D laughs at how he gets away with it.  He's a real showman!

Life is funny...and sometimes sad.  D is cynical about her friend, but I always wish him well.

I am not saying this is G's problem.  I like to think he is more real and honest with himself.  But alas, he has to play the game and he does love the schmoozing... so "the little engine that could" keeps on chugging along and attended the Vanity Fair party last night.

If nothing else, he looks lovely and rested.

Stay sane, dear Muse!  Life goes by in the blink of an eye and one misses so much if one is in a stupor and always moving!   Going for the brass ring is all right, as long as the Merry Go Round isn't moving too fast!  You don't want to find yourself holding the ring but there is no longer any lovely music coming from the calliope...

One cannot dance through the storms if one can't hear the music!



Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Photograph courtesy of GB Gals.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Flying Under the Radar for a while...

...is good for the muse.   I think he has a lot on his mind these days and there is nothing like almost losing your life to make you sit up and take stock of it and ask yourself questions like "Am I happy?"  "What the hell am I doing with the rest of my life?"   "Is That All There Is?"

That last one is a particular favorite (I love the song) which speaks volumes about too much making one jaded.

Eyes speak volumes
I wrote the first two paragraphs early this afternoon without any knowledge of the story TMZ just broke a few minutes ago. * I think I already knew what was going on.  We know G's dealt with pain since 300 and I couldn't help thinking that the pounding one takes surfing was not the best thing for him to be doing. But in typical Gerry fashion, he pushes himself past what he should to prove to himself (and thereby to others) that he can do it.

I recognize the routine.

I have a few words for the Muse...

Be kind to yourself G.  You don't have to keep proving you are a tough guy all the time.  Being just who you are is enough.  Not everyone is going to love you...but that's okay too!   I know a lot of people function well using  "happy dust"..... but in the end it will get you and that would hurt a lot of people out there.  Really "big" men are kind and decent and like who they are.  Loving yourself means loving all of you...and you don't love your body by doing things that you know will harm it.  You speak of your soul often and you would think you would want to provide it with the best possible home so that it will continue to shine through those nice eyes of yours.

I'm glad you went somewhere serious like Betty Ford for help and didn't do the celebrity "Malibu" thing.

I am sending good thoughts and a sincere affection your way.

Be happy.  You are enough!



Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

*The following is what I wrote the night before his last Leno appearance, but didn't post.  I wrote the feeling "I" got from the photos. You all know which ones they are and I won't post them.  I didn't finish this and wrote about his Leno appearance instead.  It was "deja vu" seeing the TMZ post tonight.


...several new photos of the muse that have been posted on the internet.  I don't know if G was just terribly exhausted, at a low point, or just totally wacked out on something.  Perhaps it was a combination of all.

Catching some follow up pictures posted on the internet, I also think I know where he is at the moment, if not physically, at least psychically.  It's there for anyone with eyes to see and it's not a new demon, but an old one that haunts him.  

In the middle of all the adoration and the trips and the friends and the conquests and the clubs, I often see a very lonely man who only seems to feel the glow of being alive when he's performing.

People always wonder why he is always out at the clubs, even when he is on the edge of exhaustion.  He is looking for company because he is afraid of being alone with himself.  He has said he is sometimes very focused on himself and his own life.  What happens when he "is" alone with just himself?  Is that what he is thinking in this photo?

I know what it is like to feel alone in a crowd or in a gathering when you feel the conversation around you is banal and you almost feel like you are from another planet.   I also know what it's like to be with people you are in sync with and the conversation flows from topic to topic and you are engaged and feeling on top of the world.  I think he fluctuates from these extremes and, a little like the protagonist in Sofia Copola's "Somewhere, " he is feeling the weight and the bone deep loneliness of disassociation from his fellow humans and perhaps turned to another kind of oblivion.

I want to reach out and tell him he'll be all right and he'll get over and past it.  He already knows it, but feeling empty in the middle of so much worship seems so fucking sad and for the paparazzi to catch it... such nakedness and vulnerability...is even sadder.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to the Muse...

...and all his fans.

Hopefully he will have someone sweet and feisty to spend the day with.  While I prefer to exchange gifts and love on non-holidays (just for the principle of thing and because I think these things should flow freely from the heart, not just because someone has given it a special day), I do love to watch men scramble to pick up last minute little tokens of their affection in order to stay out of the doghouse with their significant others.  

Consolation Prize
While I understand that some men are organized and plan for these things in advance, I am always feeling just a little bit sorry for the helpless schlubs forlornly looking at the picked over flowers, some already looking wilted, and hoping it will be enough.   While some do it with great gusto, knowing their gifts will be met with affection and perhaps something extra special in the physical realm,  there are others looking so hang dogged in fear they will probably be sent off to the sofa without dinner if they don't pick up SOMETHING for the little lady at home.

If you are lucky enough to be attached to someone who thinks you are the hottest thing on the planet and treats you as such "every day" of the year and not just on Valentine's Day, then you are truly blessed and you have my heartiest congratulations.   If you get the same treatment on Valentine's Day as well, well there are no words....  You've hit the jackpot!

For everyone else, here is a consolation prize...one of my favorite, fairly current pictures of the Muse.

Happy Cupid's day all!

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mavericks Please!

The title "Of Men and Mavericks" makes me think of Steinbeck and the "best laid plans of mice and men....  Of course the filmmakers may want to make the point that "surfer's love of the sport propose to conquer the large waves verses the waves at Mavericks (by their nature) dispose of all but the very talented," but the title still sounds a little too pompous....somehow.

I guess the finished product will tell.

I still call it Mavericks (after the dog from which the spot got its name).   I like the one word title. Sounds more classy to me.  No one will confuse it for anything else if they picture a couple of surfers in wetsuits on the poster. It's already got a built in tag line in "Live Like Jay!"

I'm sure the movie is in the editing process even though they are still filming surfing exteriors.  The only reason I can see more "principal" photography is if they find they need more coherence in a scene or to add something to improve the story.

I won't kid you that the fact the original director (Curtis Hanson) had to step down due to ill health worries me a little and makes me hope that he had enough passion (and energy) in him for the project up to the point of leaving. The fact that Hansen is also listed as producer on this project is a good thing because he has $$ at stake, not to mention his reputation.  While the Muse is listed as Executive Producer, from  his talk on Leno, it sounds like he's more involved in the production side than the title normally dictates.   I wonder?

The Muse needs some meaty acting follow up and some box office success after his good performances in Coriolanus and MGP.  Will Playing the Field and Mavericks give him that?   I hope so, but am a little dubious.   I would think Mavericks might have been the one to do it, especially with the chance the theme has of becoming another surfing "cult" movie (with lots of word of mouth and repeat business for years to come).  That one point had me feeling good about it.  Perhaps that will be the case, but that will depend on how good the script, acting and directing are...(the material is certainly there) and hopefully (additionally) it has enough good surfing footage to satisfy the most avid.

In the end, the audiences will tell, but I've got my fingers crossed.

For some reason, while I was typing this,  the lyrics from a favorite Antonio Carlos Jobim song,  Passarim,  come to mind.  It reads:  "Little bird on the tree you better fly.  If you stay on that tree you're gonna die..."  I guess it serves as advice to anyone whose life or career is feeling stale.

Is that what I'm subconsciously thinking about G's follow up choices or what?  If you believe the press, he is considered a successful actor.  But we all know how short lived that success can be in Hollywood.  There is always someone waiting around to pick up the slack and the parts you want.  Can he stay up there on sheer personality and fan adoration without more solid and successful movies?

I hope it all comes together for him with these two projects...but I worry a little.

Luve ye kid!  Perhaps I should spend more time worrying about whether I have any talent for writing or not because you seem to have 9 lives, after all.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Return of the Thunder Cloud?

"Who is B.G?"...was just Gerry's sarcastic way of saying he had nothing for the paparazzi so they would leave him alone.  He always uses sarcasm to handle these types of things.

Does anyone remember the Cameron Diaz incident back in 2008?  He was being sarcastic then too, but didn't realize how it sounded and of course the rags had a field day with it.   I exploited it mercilessly and his accent was a little thicker then,  but some of you might remember this little incident.


Personally, I think he handles such things much better these days.

Hopefully he's prepping for a movie or reading some decent scripts in the desert.  He can't get away from "twitter" but at least the paparazzi are not as successful in tracking him down there.

Photo of the Muse in Beverly Hills courtesy of a "twittee."

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Saturday, January 28, 2012

He's not there.

Where are you, Gerry?

That was the thought when I saw these photographs this morning.  The muse dining out but very much in his head and probably still caught up in some script he's been reading....trying to picture himself in a role (or not) ...but very obviously elsewhere.

Getting good at seeing but "not" really seeing the paparazzi!
He had to have food, decided on sushi and hopped in his car and headed for one of the closer ones to his proximity and probably mulling over what he'd read that day or thinking about what he should do now or HAS to do now, no thought about whether he should change or not.   No...that would take him out of his head... Besides that particular restaurant has low lighting...or did the last time I was there...and even if it didn't, he wouldn't care.  I don't think he cares about trying to impress anyone...at least not  last night.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Coriolanus will be playing...

...at the independent Laemmle Theaters around the Los Angeles area in early February and early March.   Here is the schedule for those of you who still haven't seen it and live in the area.

FALLBROOK 7   -  02-03-12

PLAYHOUSE 7  -  02-03-12

NOHO 7 - 03-02-12

TOWN CENTER 5  - 03-02-12

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Women on Women

Yeah, I know the title sounds like a porno lesbian thing... but with all the gossip swirling about the Muse and his brief tumble in the hay with a reality TV star and the resulting comments on several websites, I find myself having to comment on something that should be obvious to the most astute observer. We are talking about two single, consenting adults spending time with each other or sucking face or more...or whatever it was they did or didn't do....and one of them blabbing about it... and not someone committing homicide or worse.

I saw the infamous clip of the show and to me it sounded like a woman trying to curry favor with someone she might have dissed before (to her friends at least...if the gossip is to believed about the "circumference" and "curvature" of someone's anatomy) by rating their time together "off the charts!"    It was either a public "I'm sorry ...and I hope this helps" kind of thing, or "Sorry, but I'm trying to get your attention again and getting a little publicity along the way" kind of thing.  Either way...it's not really important in the scheme of things.  At least not to him.

This GB and BG thing is very simple... Man meets woman at party with minimum clothing and flowing liquor.  One comes on to the other...and nature takes over and they end up in the sack together.  True or false, it sounds probable, knowing the horny reputation of one  party.  The length of time they spent together may or may not be accurate, but that's show biz!

What really gets me riled up is not that it happened or didn't happen, nor what it means to either party, because I honestly don't think it means much in a world where  "reality TV" is the entertainment of the day for many, but it has to do with the little I was able to stomach reading from the people commenting on it.

You know what I sometimes detest about my gender?  How much we like to blame "piggish" men for our ills and yet how much power we hand over to them by  "allowing " them to define us.   And then to make matters worse,  we turn around and emulate them in the way we speak about women!  How utterly stupid is that?

Ever hear how "some" men sit around and talk about women?  Locker room talk, I mean?   Want some examples?   No?   Well reading some of the comments women have made about this "desperate housewife" (yes, housewife has become a demeaning word in some quarters and that's why the second word in all the titles of these shows are "housewife"), one hardly needs a male around to  denigrate her or us as females.  We do a dandy, fine job of it ourselves, don't we?

Why are we women so hard on others of our gender?   Is it that there are so few males to go around that we have to make ourselves look and sound better at someone else's expense?  Do we think so little of ourselves that we have an inbred need to do it?   Are we just living out our programming as the more deadly of the species, despite the fact that men go to physical war with each other and kill each other that way?  Do we mostly outlive men because our genetic make up is more complicated, or do we just end up either nagging them or boring them to death after we've either succeeded or not in changing them into the perfect model we always dreamed of but didn't get (mostly because the perfect one doesn't exist) or because we let some man mold us into something we're not and we secretly hate him for it?

There are so many questions and never enough answers.  Historically women haven't faired well because we were once considered merely chattel or breeding material for men.  The lucky ones who were able to enthrall a man, were loved and treasured, but still only given the rights her husband would accord her.  This is still true in a lot of societies around the world and in some of these societies, women are struggling to get the barest of rights accorded them.  We, in the free world, are so lucky...and yet....

Let me get to the crux of what is sitting in my craw.  Is it or is it not true that we are born, we age, and we die?   All of us.  Not one of us escapes this....neither gender.   We are babies, preteens, teens, twenty-somethings (for a fleeting 9 years), thirty-somethings (for another fleeting 9 years) and so on....   I think you are getting the picture of where this is going now?  We are some of us bright, some of us "not so bright" and some of us "downright stupid!"   I am talking "mentally handicapped" people aside.   Our genetic make up we get from our parents and our ancestors, but however we are blessed or not, with brains and not looks, with brains and looks, with looks and little brains, etc... we all have choices with what we do with our blessings or a lack of them.   WE DO HAVE CHOICES to be better than our raw materials.

What gets me fighting mad is the choices some people make.  One of those choices I see so many women making is letting "men" define them...from cradle to grave...men define them and they go along with it and adopt it as a mantel they wear with pride.   They don't even realize they are doing it, but they do.  Ever watch a woman in a shoe store try to stuff her tender feet into a too tight, too high a heel, stylish shoe by the latest and greatest (male ) designer to be fashionable?   That's just one innocuous little example, but when these girls hit their old age, it's not funny when their feet are destroyed and ugly from trying to fit into a "sadist" version of what is beautiful.

Ever see how many people suffer from low self esteem in our society?  Men suffer from it, but not to the extent women do (or perhaps women are more verbal about it)...even very beautiful women (after all something MUST be wrong with them).   And that "low self esteem" makes us even harder on our own gender.  You can take that to the bank.   And hard we are.

Now there is something called "self reliance" and being responsible for ourselves by not letting ourselves be victims.  We can choose the way we see ourselves!   But the victimized sometimes love to prey on others in order to feel better.  And those that like to prey have a nifty little tool called the internet ...that allows them to victimize anonymously....and how we love to do it....hide behind computers and smugly trash others for every little misstep, whether they deserve it or not.   Now to the point...

I don't know this Hollywood Housewife.  I don't watch  reality TV shows.  It's a choice I make.   It may be fine for some...but it's not my thing.  I think most of these things are scripted and the only thing real about it is the courseness of some of the players.    All well and good if you like this kind of thing.  All I know about BG, as I'll call her, is that she supposedly was "kissing" the muse at a party in Malibu and from that...that she is the ex of someone I knew little about until he started going out with a country western star, who I also know little about, except for her name and only because my little niece likes country western music (which I don't).

After reading all the uproar over this whole silly affair and its resurrection by said BG about GB and their time together, I can't get over the stupid remarks being made by women regarding this person.   Not just about what she does, or who she is, but how she looks.  Their comments come straight out of the "men's locker room" some of them.  She is being called an old hag.  How can anyone be an old hag at 38 or 39?   Are these twenty something women saying this?   They are going to be 39 sooner then they think and will it be okay for others to call them "old hags" because of it?  How stupid and brainless an action is that?   Are they planning on dying young so they don't have to be that "dreaded" 39?  Do they hear the same kind of "shit" from their mothers?  God forbid!

I don't know or care how much help BG has had to keep up her appearance, but she doesn't look like any kind of a hag from her  photos.  Now I can't see her brain from her photographs, but perhaps if I were to make a study I might find she didn't have a big one or that she might but comes from a line of ninnies with no common sense.   Even smart people are sometimes afflicted with a "lack of common sense" gene in their make up.

The thing is that we use derogatory terms that are normally used by men against women to denigrate those of our own gender and every time WE do it, we are making it worse for ourselves and our daughters...   EVERY TIME we make a young woman feel that "her looks" or now even the way her "sexual organs look" can never be perfect enough or that those looks are the only thing that matter to the OTHER GENDER, we make her small and insignificant....(never mind that we make that OTHER gender pretty small too)!   We tell her that THAT is the only thing that counts and that her "brains" or her "good heart"  or her "sweet disposition" or her "beautiful eyes" or her "sense of humor" or  her "empathy for others" don't matter.  She is only going to be measured by her beauty AND as soon as she turns 30 or she has a baby...well baby... she's finished in that department!  Is it any wonder we live in a youth obsessed culture where looks are more important than wisdom and our young women lack self esteem because they can't live up to an impossible ideal of what is beautiful?   And that EVERY time we indulge in this kind of cattiness using some men's words against another foolish, silly woman, that we reinforce this unrealistic expectation and teach these young women that in order to get a pat on the head or a chance with a male we might fancy is by being "pretty" above all things.

I suspect a lot of the people who indulge in this kind of internet assassination by words, are even older then BG and mothers to boot.  Do they feel better about themselves by attacking her in this manner?    I don't know, but it's clear to me that most of them who do it are lacking in self esteem themselves.  Ever notice how much envy there is in this world?

Oh well.  I can swallow a little better now, having spit out my opinion.

As for BG, I don't personally know her.  That she's on this kind of show and talks about things better kept personal only tells me she's a bit of a twit and maybe an ambitious twit!

As for GB, my guess is that he is probably a little annoyed someone is bringing up a past he's already filed away under "do not disturb"  and perhaps a bit of a twit himself if he doesn't realize she was just trying to minimize the damage from her previous comment to friends, if those are even true.   Whatever he thinks about the matter,  the gossip blogs will have fun re-wording the less then five minute clip fifty different ways...even to make other men think that King Leonidas is an 11 in the sack, despite a crooked penis! After all, for all those "crooked penis" guys out there.."it's what you do with the thing" not how straight it is, right?  A win situation for them, at least!

I'm grinning right now, but I guess that's the only thing left to do after reading over this post!

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate