Monday, February 27, 2012

Hooray for Hollywood! Return of the Swan.

Ready or not, this is show biz and the show must go on and so the muse is back in business and showing the world he is fit for whatever comes his way!

He certainly looks well.  Let's hope the "happy dust" was not an issue in addition to the pain pills.

There is this fellow who has been doing happy dust since college.  Whenever he was in L.A. and before she moved to NY,  he always used to call D.  She knows all his secrets and doesn't let him get away with shit, so just before going into rehab (in Malibu) a few years ago, she spent the night holding his hand (funnily enough at The Sunset Towers).  He didn't stay in rehab for long...but he seemingly functions just fine.  He also has nine lives.  His father died when he was very young and he thinks he's destined for the same fate, so he lives it up and lives all over the globe.  He's even concocted parts of a past that never happened for public consumption and D laughs at how he gets away with it.  He's a real showman!

Life is funny...and sometimes sad.  D is cynical about her friend, but I always wish him well.

I am not saying this is G's problem.  I like to think he is more real and honest with himself.  But alas, he has to play the game and he does love the schmoozing... so "the little engine that could" keeps on chugging along and attended the Vanity Fair party last night.

If nothing else, he looks lovely and rested.

Stay sane, dear Muse!  Life goes by in the blink of an eye and one misses so much if one is in a stupor and always moving!   Going for the brass ring is all right, as long as the Merry Go Round isn't moving too fast!  You don't want to find yourself holding the ring but there is no longer any lovely music coming from the calliope...

One cannot dance through the storms if one can't hear the music!



Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Photograph courtesy of GB Gals.

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