Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Into the Light?

I love when my gut feelings bear fruit (see 6/5/12 post).  I see the Muse and the lovely Madalina are coming out into the light of day in regards to their relationship. Good for them!

Don't know if this will put all the "he's gay because we never see him with a woman" rumors to rest, but who cares?   Whoever the Muse is, it's his life and more power to him for trying to live it his way despite the glare of the pap and the criticism of his mostly supportive, but sometimes terribly possessive fan base, some of whom would rather see him be anything but serious about any one woman.

And kudos to Ms. Ghanea for being strong enough to withstand the criticism from some of the kooks out there who feel Gerard Butler is their personal white knight.   If that is what some of his admirers need in exchange for their devotion, I suggest they try to fall in love with his on screen characters and let the real man live out his own fantasies.  He is human, you know?

If his fans really want to prove their devotion to this actor, please see one of my previous posts titled "What a Man Needs" because besides your good wishes in regard to his personal life,  he needs your support to help make his next two movies a success at the box office.

Good luck dear Muse and hope this relationship holds what you both want and need for however long it lasts... because, unfortunately, we know that too many Hollywood relationships come with an expiration date.  Actually, to be honest, and IF the statistics are to be believed, too many non Hollywood ones do too.

Does saying that make me a cynic?  Not really, it makes me a little sad though.



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