Saturday, March 3, 2012

Brilliant? Hopefully!

The Muse has another project on the horizon.   I am sure he will be happy to work with his Ugly Truth director again, since he had so much fun doing the last movie with him. Hopefully (seems I'm always hoping on this blog) this is not another silly comedy with a lackluster script and that he gets a quality co-star he has some "real" on screen" chemistry with and a tight story that will keep it in theaters longer than a week.

I would love to see someone with a little gravitas as his female co-star...someone with a certain "onscreen charisma" of her own that would add to the plot.  Off the bat the only two that come to mind with the "charisma card" at the moment  are Marion Cotillard or Berenice Bejo (she was great in The Artist). These actresses aren't cutesy types and they can act, plus they have a "vulnerability" side to them.  I'm thinking their accents would add a separate dimension...perhaps some confusion of the comic kind between the leads due to language misunderstanding?  Or perhaps you could keep your accent for this one if the script permits.

Sorry.   I really know nothing of this script but my vivid imagination can't help making some suggestions that "I" would include to up the ante on a romantic relationship, especially in a comedy.   There has to be a serious side to a protagonist, even in a comedy, to make him really "whole" as a character.  The comedy has to come from his natural wit and the writing, but he has to have some gravitas himself to be able to pull off the "romance" side of he will be unforgettable past the theater door.  Hopefully he is not just a "boob" a la Hangover type.  Clueless male is okay off screen, but onscreen, we women want to be "wowed" by those we think should be classic leads.

Perhaps I am hoping too much here.  Time will tell where he is going.

I have to assume that since his last few outings (Coriolanus and Machine Gun Preacher) have not provided a big payday, this one serves that purpose, since he is not producing.  The plot for Brilliant,  as it is presented in the few articles on this project, has been replayed too many times already (Sean Connery and Katherine Zeta Jones, one of the Ocean's 11 movies, etc....).  Hopefully this one will have a unique twist somewhere in it that will make it different.  Look at Katherine Heigl...the best work she has done has been on television in Gray's Anatomy, otherwise she has been typecast and just keeps playing the same character in most of her movies....  To think she was my favorite character in Gray's at one time.  I wonder if Luketic is looking at reuniting the same team for this flick?

I do understand Gerry wanting something light and not too physical in the action sense that will provide a comfortable set and some offscreen fun as well, after his "near death" and "rehab" experiences and can't begrudge him this. However, dear Muse, I do hope the two you have in the can already are entertaining (and the comedy, witty).  I did so enjoy watching you have some serious on screen chemistry with someone...even if that someone was male (R. Fiennes in Coriolanus).

Now why does that sound familiar?

As always, I wish you the best and hope (there it is again...that word) that I am pleasantly surprised by this one if, or when,  it comes to fruition.


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