Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Return of the Thunder Cloud?

"Who is B.G?"...was just Gerry's sarcastic way of saying he had nothing for the paparazzi so they would leave him alone.  He always uses sarcasm to handle these types of things.

Does anyone remember the Cameron Diaz incident back in 2008?  He was being sarcastic then too, but didn't realize how it sounded and of course the rags had a field day with it.   I exploited it mercilessly and his accent was a little thicker then,  but some of you might remember this little incident.


Personally, I think he handles such things much better these days.

Hopefully he's prepping for a movie or reading some decent scripts in the desert.  He can't get away from "twitter" but at least the paparazzi are not as successful in tracking him down there.

Photo of the Muse in Beverly Hills courtesy of a "twittee."

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate


  1. Zoni, is there any other way to get to the Z Reports except through this link? I didn't see one, but then, I'm not very computer literate.
    I loved the Z Reports back when you posted them on IMDb, and I'd like to read them all again as I get time.

  2. Hi Larue. I uploaded all the Z Reports and the India newspaper satires to this blog when I first started it back in 2010. Although they are dated 2010, most of the Z Reports are from 2008 and I left the IMDb date they were posted somewhere in the post itself.

    If you look under Blog Archive just above "About Me" and click on 2010, you will see there are 73 items archived there. A bunch of the Z Reports will appear under October and September, which are the dates I uploaded them to the blog. They are all there and they start with the one that kept getting deleted on IMDb.

    I had so much fun doing them and in those early days Gerry had lots of fans on IMDb and I loved entertaining them.

    Just to clarify, the old Z Reports are archived in the Fencing with the Muse blog and not the Z Report one, which I started to comment on other things. I still need to upload two days from my Paris trip to that one and I may eventually do some short stories, if time permits.


  3. Correction for Larue:

    Most of the Z Reports appear under August and September under the 2010 Archive.