Thursday, February 9, 2012

Mavericks Please!

The title "Of Men and Mavericks" makes me think of Steinbeck and the "best laid plans of mice and men....  Of course the filmmakers may want to make the point that "surfer's love of the sport propose to conquer the large waves verses the waves at Mavericks (by their nature) dispose of all but the very talented," but the title still sounds a little too pompous....somehow.

I guess the finished product will tell.

I still call it Mavericks (after the dog from which the spot got its name).   I like the one word title. Sounds more classy to me.  No one will confuse it for anything else if they picture a couple of surfers in wetsuits on the poster. It's already got a built in tag line in "Live Like Jay!"

I'm sure the movie is in the editing process even though they are still filming surfing exteriors.  The only reason I can see more "principal" photography is if they find they need more coherence in a scene or to add something to improve the story.

I won't kid you that the fact the original director (Curtis Hanson) had to step down due to ill health worries me a little and makes me hope that he had enough passion (and energy) in him for the project up to the point of leaving. The fact that Hansen is also listed as producer on this project is a good thing because he has $$ at stake, not to mention his reputation.  While the Muse is listed as Executive Producer, from  his talk on Leno, it sounds like he's more involved in the production side than the title normally dictates.   I wonder?

The Muse needs some meaty acting follow up and some box office success after his good performances in Coriolanus and MGP.  Will Playing the Field and Mavericks give him that?   I hope so, but am a little dubious.   I would think Mavericks might have been the one to do it, especially with the chance the theme has of becoming another surfing "cult" movie (with lots of word of mouth and repeat business for years to come).  That one point had me feeling good about it.  Perhaps that will be the case, but that will depend on how good the script, acting and directing are...(the material is certainly there) and hopefully (additionally) it has enough good surfing footage to satisfy the most avid.

In the end, the audiences will tell, but I've got my fingers crossed.

For some reason, while I was typing this,  the lyrics from a favorite Antonio Carlos Jobim song,  Passarim,  come to mind.  It reads:  "Little bird on the tree you better fly.  If you stay on that tree you're gonna die..."  I guess it serves as advice to anyone whose life or career is feeling stale.

Is that what I'm subconsciously thinking about G's follow up choices or what?  If you believe the press, he is considered a successful actor.  But we all know how short lived that success can be in Hollywood.  There is always someone waiting around to pick up the slack and the parts you want.  Can he stay up there on sheer personality and fan adoration without more solid and successful movies?

I hope it all comes together for him with these two projects...but I worry a little.

Luve ye kid!  Perhaps I should spend more time worrying about whether I have any talent for writing or not because you seem to have 9 lives, after all.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate


  1. Zoni, never doubt your talent for writing.


  2. About your ability on writing, there is no doubt! It is the whole afternoon i'm enjoying your blog!! :-)

  3. Thank you. I'm glad you find it entertaining.