Sunday, April 1, 2012

The April Fool (Reprint)

The real smile 3/12.
I wrote this in April 2008 as part of the Z Report series I used to post on IMDb.  While a few things have changed, more of it remains the same and thought perhaps it was worthy of a second look.

Gerry is off doing reshoots for Playing The Field and I will be very curious to see the finished product and glad they are revisiting it if they felt it needed something extra to give it more of a chance to glow during the Holidays.

It's a beautiful, clear windy day in La La land and watching the ice caps roiling the ocean from my bedroom window, I am ready for short nap after a very late night discussing the world and its many inhabitants,  cities, social and other  media and every topic under the sun with some of the most interesting people...  A "salon" is the perfect type of gathering to bring people of all ages, nationalities and viewpoints (mostly connected with the arts in some way, though) together and I am exhausted today from all the mental stimulation.  Life is good...

...and tonight is Mad Men!

To all the April Fools out there, have a lovely one!  And to the Muse... I wish him safe, happy travels and lovely sunsets when the work is done!   It feels like a good year...

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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