Friday, August 24, 2012

Motor City and the New Super Max Commercial

Two interesting things concerning the Muse happened a few nights ago.  First of all I finished reading a draft of Motor City I'd started earlier in the day. Secondly, before going to bed, I happened on a website that had just posted a link to a new Super Max Commercial featuring a clean shaven, long haired Gerry and several pretty ladies, one them being his much speculated "personal" leading lady.

I found the young lady in question extremely attractive and quite effective in the commercial and the interplay between them was very cute

I found the commercial appealing and pretty much in line with the L'Oreal commercials in the sense that they both dealt with "what it means to be Gerard Butler" or a  "day in the life of Gerard Butler," which,  it seems, includes women reacting in a very positive way (with lots of touching) to the smooth skin on his clean shaven face.

When I watched it the first time, I had to laugh a little because without his scruff, the Muse's nose was more prominent than normal and his face a little pale, probably due to the fact that most of it has not seen the light of day for a good while now.  And, since we've not seen him clean shaven in a long time, there seemed to be less elasticity to his skin than when he was a bit younger and heavier.

Another thing that made the Muse look a little strange was that the lighter hair, which looked great in Mavericks,  was minus the "life of it's own" it usually displays.  It was wetted down and coiffed to perfection, like he'd just stepped out of a salon....and Gerry is not the "perfection" kind of guy.

We did get a little more of the messy look towards the end with a male "bonding over sports," scene.

Aside from these initial reactions and after a second view, I realized I liked the commercial because it took me back to something I've always said about him, that it is the animation of his face and the eyes which lends Gerard Butler his attractiveness...his charm, if you will, and is why a lot of still photographs never do him justice.  The looser skin in his face worked very well in this commercial because the ladies were sure enjoying moving it around and because it allowed him to be very expressive.  And it is that expressiveness and animation that leads me into the second topic, his starring role as John Miller in Motor City.

As most of you will know by now,  Motor City is a movie about revenge, which features little or no dialogue.  The very short script (at least the draft I read) features non stop action from start to finish.   As I was reading it, it reminded me of every other revenge movie I've seen with a little of Scar Face and a scene reminiscent of Godfather thrown in.

Having said that, what makes it "different" from a lot of your run of the mill revenge films is the almost total lack of dialogue.   In my opinion, this "silence" will be the saving grace of the movie because it will be a force the actors to display their talents and tell us the story with their expressions and the use of their bodies in movement or stillness.  They cannot do it in "The Artist,""silent movie"  kind of way, but will be forced to do it in a more dark, understated,  film noir kind of way and say much with eyes and pauses and nervousness, to show hatred and  blind stubbornness and perseverance and rage and anger just with body language.   This is a little bit of the kind of thing I said I wanted to see Gerry do and I hope the filmmakers don't flesh it out too much and lose the few little moments of intimacy of the story or just make it about the cars and the chases and the violence.  If they do that it will lose something in translation to the screen and will have nothing to distinguish it from all the other movies of the type we've seen.

I think the casting will be very important for the supporting roles and I also hope the female cast for the role of Sophia will fit the part.  Although her screen time with the lead may not be all that great, she is the axis around which the pivotal males roles dance.

I am looking forward to seeing how the filmmakers handle this movie, the different looks of the main characters as the storyline encompasses different time periods and goes both backward and forward in time.  I love nothing better than reading a script and then seeing what they do with the final product.  Sometimes it is disappointing and sometimes it's not.  I hope this is one of those times when I will be pleasantly surprised at how well they translate the screenwriter's vision.

And I hope the Muse will show us what he can do, given the chance to act with some of his best tools, his face and his body.

I understand Adrian Brody has signed on to play the main antagonist.  After reading that, I wonder if a certain young lady will read for the part of Sophia.  I certainly could picture her doing it.

Now that would really be interesting casting...if we let our imaginations run wild!

I also wonder if Mickey Rourke wasn't originally cast for the role Savick?   I really couldn't picture him  as Ramirez and think Brody the better choice for that one.

With several more roles to be filled,  it will be interesting to see what further develops with this project.

I guess I will stay tuned in.


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