Friday, January 13, 2012

The Muse on Leno and looking fine.

The Swan makes me forget he acts for a living.
I had written a whole other post about Gerry's recent London photos and wondering how he would talk about his recent "near death" experience on Leno.  For some reason I was reluctant to post it and now am glad I didn't. 

Gerry  looked wonderful on Leno tonight.  As a matter of fact, to me,  his looks are improving with age.  There is something softer about him...but softer in a good way.  He is growing up and becoming more of a real person and less of a character...although there is still plenty of that to satisfy.   He is still wicked but I see more introspection and some restraint.  

I liked the way he talked about his experience with the waves at Mavericks.  He wasn't flippant and you could tell, if you watched closely enough, that he was affected by it in a lingering way...and who knows what will be born out of that experience....but I sense something will.   Something good, I hope.

I spent too much time commenting on those other photos though...and then he transforms into "the swan" and I am left remembering that the man is a chameleon and he acts for a living.  

I don't know what else to say anymore, except my desire to know more just makes me intrusive into his life and what  the hell gives me the right to do that?  A paparazzi took those other pictures, catching him at a vulnerable time and I am walking in and speculating on them...trying to be clairvoyant about what he was thinking or feeling.  Perhaps he was just tired.  Perhaps I am too.

Perhaps silence is golden in this case.

He does look lovely here though...and I am left feeling a little wistful...and thinking that my signature fits both of us very well tonight.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate


  1. Zoni, you always write the most interesting perspectives on Gerry. I always look forward to your musings. Hope you read this excellent interview:

    Best regards,

  2. Thank you Morningstar. I did read the interview.

    When I write about G, I write what I feel is coming off him in the glimpses I get but I also write from a very empathic place. Something in me recognizes something in him...perhaps because I see him going through places and phases where I have already been, either personally or with someone I love or have loved. I do know that he is so familiar to me in some ways that it is easy to guess what he may be feeling in these small glimpses, even though he puts up his shield to the public on occasion, which is a good thing.

    Perhaps that "spiderweb" thin connection colors my perspective, but I am also writing about him through the prism of who I am and wishful thinking makes me hope that I get close enough to get it right at least 50% of the time.

    I've had and continue to have an interesting life and as it keeps unfolding I realize I have to write about my response to it a little. In some ways I recognize that I been a magnet for some people, perhaps because of my empathy... Perhaps I am a little like a mirror in that I always seem very familiar to perfect strangers. One very sweet man recently told my daughter, in my presence, that my face was like the "sunshine" for him. This person has met some of the most famous people in the world and he kissed my hand, placed it on his heart and told her (and me) that "with all sincerity" I was his very favorite person. From other experiences, I do know what it means to have that kind of responsibility for another human... when people feel that kind of thing about you. Gerry carries that responsibility around with him a hundred fold. Even though it helps him and he uses it to further his career, I think that responsibility wars with him wanting to be footloose and fancy free... He says he is very selfish, but he has a need to please and be important to others and he knows he attracts them like a magnet too. It is easy to see that he basks and chafes at the responsibility that goes with that kind of admiration..almost in the same breath.

    Sitting where he does can be a very lonely place at times...even in the middle of all the fuss people make over him.

  3. Your experience is beautiful, thank you for sharing