Monday, January 16, 2012

The Golden Globes

Well, caught a few glimpses of the Muse on the Golden Globes last night.   He looked very handsome in his three piece Ferragamo tux.   He was accompanied last night by  his right arm and left brain, Alan Siegel.

G. got there early for a change and seemed to linger at the starting point to catch a glimpse of and greet some of the other actors coming in.

Watching Access Hollywood tonight as I cleaned up my desk, there he was pantomiming struggling to swim to the surface to illustrate his recent encounter with the waves at Maverick and had the ladies oooohing and ahhhing to his satisfaction.

I also noticed his salute to fans on the Red Carpet by doing the Dear Frankie pose.   I think this has become a habit.   The little kid in the grown up tux does like to clown around and perform for the crowd.  He just can't seem to help himself.   This is the perfect example of the man that can appear so handsome and urbane one moment  and then the irrepressible kid who lives within HAS to come out to play.

Besides his stint as a presenter,  the Muse was caught on camera rubbing an itchy nose and almost jumped (but caught himself) when he realized he WAS on camera.  These are the Gerry type moments that make me grin.  Some things never change.

Some of the photographs posted today show him holding up his name plate. All I could think when I saw them was that maybe Alan put him up to it and he looked like he was posing for a mug shot or maybe one of those "lost kitten" posters people put up saying  "Have you see this cat?"   

Mug Shot or Lost Kitten?
We know who you are, dear.

Sent D a photo of the Muse conversing with Rob Lowe.   Lowe has been a favorite of hers since he was very young and on her recent visit over the holidays she was reading his book "Stories I Only Tell My Friends."   Her comment on the photo of the two was that the Muse had a lot of hair and Rob Lowe still looked great.

The photo is not the best of Lowe but that's only because G's size almost dwarfs the 5'11" Lowe. 

As for the show,  I thought there were some great dresses this year and the men looked very handsome too.
Angelina Jolie and Brazilian Morina Baccarin from Homeland were stunning.  Other favorites were Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron,  Kate Beckinsale and Sofia Vergara.

Favorite moments:  The lovely Mr. Sidney Poitier.  Still a class act and handsome as ever, the moments with Poitier,  grand "broad" Helen Mirren and Morgan Freemen were golden.

Loved George Clooney mentioning Michael Fassbender's talents (all of them).   Little did I know when I wrote Dating Gorgo that I was quite accurate in writing about "Stelios always bragging about the size of his sword."  Nice to see Mr. Clooney agreed with my assessment of his gifts as mention when I reviewed "Shame" on the other blog.

Hard pressed to choose between Streep and Viola Davis for the best actress award.  Love them both.

Glad to see both Octavia Spencer and Jessica Chastain nominated.  I also mentioned them as the best (along with Davis) in The Help.

Was also glad to see so many good roles for women this year.

Still have a lot of movies to catch up with and will hopefully be hitting the theaters this week to catch The Artist and  a few others.  

Now on to the Academy Awards.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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