Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ness/Capone - A Good fit for Butler?

A different kind of Elliot Ness?
Reading over the announcement that Relativity Media has acquired the rights to the Grant Pierce Myers script, which is a retelling of The Untouchables with a different twist,  and the fact that Gianni Nunnari (300 co-producer), along with some others, may be co-producing, I immediately thought that Myers' very different take on Elliot Ness may be a good fit for Gerard Butler.

Post Machine Gun Preacher and Coriolanus, will they feel his acting chops and box office numbers, plus his screen name recognition among men and women alike, make him a possible candidate?

I am still SO hoping that Joe Carnahan's White Jazz  (I was the first to associate him with the project, but not on this blog) is on the agenda for him, but I think this might be another interesting project, if they get a good director and co-star to sign on.

Gerry was supposed to play Jimmy Malone in the Brian DePalma prequel to The Untouchables that fell through a while back, so when I saw this, it caught my attention.

Read the particulars here.

Any thoughts?

April 28, 2011

AFTERTHOUGHT:  After re-reading through the article, I realize that  Ness is supposed to be 26 years old in this script, so this might not be a fit for Butler after all, unless they make Ness a little older.  With the right style and make up, could the slimmed down, in shape and perhaps with a little facial filler, ever youthful in spirit Butler get away with playing a variation of that age?  Would he even want to?

I still feel Butler would have been a good Jimmy Malone, so when I saw that Ryan Kavanaugh bought the rights to this project and knowing  he likes Butler, I immediately thought this might work.

Wishful thinking doesn't cut it, but with the magic of Hollywood,  the impossible sometimes becomes possible, so I never say never.

I'm still rooting for him to have a part in White Jazz.

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