Monday, April 4, 2011

Shame on You Mark Canton...

...for trying to be so glib by making the following comment to Arnold Schwartzenegger (who in his own effort to be glib, immediately went out and spilled the beans to the news media) that you forgot about a little thing called professional integrity.    

Schwarzenegger Explodes Movie Myth About Butler's 300 Physique

Arnold Schwarzenegger has exploded the myth Gerard Butler was ripped and toned for his role as a Spartan hero in cult action film 300, revealing the Scottish actor's look was computer generated.
Schwarzenegger made the discovery after approaching the film's producer Mark Canton and asking for details about the fitness regimen Butler adopted to look like a beefy warrior.
The impressed Terminator star wanted to track down the Scot's trainer and hire him to get him back into blockbuster shape, following his two terms as California Governor - and was shocked to discover Butler's look was all movie magic.
He tells Entertainment Weekly magazine, "I said to Mark Canton, 'You have got to get a hold of this guy (Butler). I want to know what his training regimen is.'
"Canton said, 'What are you talking about? (That look) cost me a lot of money.'" »

While Butler HAS admitted to some grease paint to delineate the "hard worked for abs,"  the physique in the movie 300 were indeed his and come by honestly.
I can only think that the shrewd Canton was displaying a little bit of the  "little man" syndrome  by saying something that would immediately negate the hard work his actor did to get in shape for a movie that so handsomely helped Mr. Canton make a producing comeback of sorts.  While Butler certainly benefitted greatly by his turn in 300 in terms of exposure to American audiences,  I think the statement by Canton certainly makes the actor out to be a bit of a liar. 

Please observe the above photographs, taken on the set, and you be the judge of whether the abs and look were ALL CGI. 
Yes, movies are all about fantasy and smoke and mirrors and perhaps I am being stupidly naive,  but they sent their actor out to promote their movie in a certain way and THAT 300 physique and the training videos that were a part of that promotion, sent lots of real men back to the gym.  Yes, the 300 workout was excessive and perhaps not a reachable goal for the average guy, but a lot of men decided to get in shape after viewing the movie and that was a good thing.   300 made King Leonidas (as acted by Butler) a modern icon.
In my book,  what Canton has done with his little (taken so lightly) comment, is no less than  lost a little of his own credibility about his ability or willingness to protect those other actors that come after Butler, because he is telling the world that the actor's credibility doesn't matter much in the scheme of things.  
Good relationships, no matter what kind and even in Hollywood, should be built and nurtured on a certain amount of trust.   While Butler has a reputation for not holding back his words and might appreciate that Canton was trying to be glib, the fact remains another former actor  took it so lightly that he had to blab it to the press, doesn't say much for the Terminator either.  He should know better.
Oh well, in the scheme of things, this isn't important, but I'll bet a bunch of young movie buffs out there who made an icon of King Leonidas,  are getting a taste of Hollywood sleaze 101.  
I think a clarifying statement (from either Canton or Schwartzenegger) and an apology to Mr. Butler is in order and would go a long way in restoring everyone's  credibility.  
What do you think?   Is this all just a *haboob?
Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

*Arabic word for sandstorm I picked out of a hat and helped me win a game of Trivial Pursuit in a tournament a long time ago.


  1. 'Ahnold' should remember that in his day the same thing was done with make-up and lighting, highlighting what was there but might be missed by the flattening effect of the camera. The CGI 'enhancement' available today is no different. It's not just Gerry. He and all the actors and stuntmen worked hard to create the image wanted for the film and their hard work made 300 a hit.

    At the very least, Canton owes everyone connected with the film a clarification of what he actually said and what he meant by it. And Arnie needs to reboot his career without attempting to trash other, younger, actors if he wants to be regarded with respect. Pumped up pecs and tossing around paper mache boulders and rubber spears, Arnie, doesn't give you much room to cast stones, too.

  2. Wow Zoni....thanks so much for writing so eloquently my exact thoughts. This previous article and comments from Mr. Canton and Mr. Swartzennegger have really upset the Butler fandom. Being one of his fans on several fan sites, I can agree with you that a hornet's nest has been stirred up. I just hope that a retraction will be printed soon. Thanks again for your blog.

  3. Anonymous - I agree with your comments about "Ahnold." I think there is always way too much smugness between age and youth (going both ways) and a need to feel better at the expense of someone else.

    It was a silly statement for Canton to make (if he said it in the context in which Schwarzenegger quoted him) and, like you, I also think he needs to clarify it. One might expect this kind of a comment to come from an anonymous source, not from the co-producer of a successful movie.

    I would bet you MC is not very happy with his friend Arnold right now.

  4. And for the record, Gerard Butler has said in several interviews that some of what was in the film was computer generated, along with his workout regimen. But I do agree with all of the previous posters. Don't try and make yourself look good by trying to bring down others. Eloquence goes a long way, and Arnold needs to remember he's trying to get where Gerard Butler is, and he has to start somewhere. Alienating fans is not the way to go.

  5. I think this is an example of Entertainment Weekly taking a quote and spinning it into a story. Both Arnold's and Mark's quotes are probably taken out of context and/or misunderstood or misquotedny. Neither has any reason to make such negative public comments.

    I've seen this exact thing happen to Gerard in print interviews - and when you see the entire video interview you can see that the print article took a quote and either misinterpreted it or took it completely out of context. I chose to believe that this same thing could have happened to Arnold and/or Mark as well. Because, quite frankly, there is very little detail in the article other than the short quote etc. This seems to be a very short "story" made up from an even shorter soundbite taken out of context.
    Butler fans, of all people, should understand how this works and in my opinion should take a deep breath and give these two men the same courtesy that they wish others would give Butler when he finds himself being misquoted or lied about in the press. If the story proves to have some legs, then people can be outraged - but I am just not convinced of the truth of this story and the facts presented to allow it to affect the way I view any of the three gentlemen mentioned.

  6. The only person who should be angry is Butler. It makes all the work he put in and the injuries he sustained training for this movie seem trivial and his promotion videos, fabrications. That is the whole point here.

    If it is made up or taken out of context by the source, all the more reason both of these men should call them on it.

  7. Brings the shakespearean quote to mind:
    "Of the Great the lesser will prattle of!"

    Gerry , with his intelligence , humour, integrity , charisma and yes stunning looks certainly fits the bill as being "Great".
    Mr S and Mr C -I'm afraid envy is not attractive