Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Swimming With the Fishes and Other Wonders of the Deep?

Looks like Gerry may be be sharing camera time with two of the ocean's larger inhabitants if they do any more "in water" filming for Mavericks.  Not only have there been white shark sightings off the California coast, but now there are larger than usual humpback whale sightings, as they are coming closer to shore to feed and have popped up surprising surfers and boaters.

With the shark attacks on the rise, hopefully the movie crews will have extra people stationed to keep watch for any unwanted visitations by the toothy critters and the playful mammals.  A professional surfer just pulled out of a contest and cited the amount of sharks being spotted in the waters as the reason why he withdrew.

Time constraints aside, I am sure the director and others involved in the shoot will ere on the side of caution to keep their cast  and crew safe and sound.... and out of harms way.   We share the oceans with these creatures, but it is their home and a healthy amount of respect for their presence is certainly warranted.

No one likes to be shark bait and a sweet, Scottish lad, a tasty morsel to many humans,  would certainly appear more so to a hungry shark or make a lovely toy to flip for a majestic humpback.  It is not a laughing matter, but when something scary threatens, levity sometimes lightens the worry.

Move cautiously and keep your eyes open  G!   And if you hazard upon any of the creatures, give them your best 300 Leonidas roar and show them your own pearly whites and, if that doesn't scare them off,  paddle like the dickens and get the hell out of the water and into the nearest boat!

You sure this shark repellent get up you're rigging works?

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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