Friday, March 11, 2011

A Lesson in Perseverance

Poor baby!  That was the thought I had when I saw a string of photos from Gerard Butler's day yesterday.  Sometimes it's kind of easy to read between the lines, his own face telling the story.  If I'm off base, it's still a very probable speculation, so I'll go with it as long as everyone recognizes that that is what this is.  I do recognize the locations because they are some of my own haunts.

For a guy who is not known for his patience (at least outwardly so), his adventure yesterday was a lesson in just that, if the photos are to be believed.  What started out as a normal trip to the gym (if anything in a star's life can be called normal), to work out and be in shape for his up coming movies,  it ended up in what looks to me to be a trip through several well known West Hollywood spots, trying to lose the paparazzi that started dogging him  the moment he parked his car blocks from his gym.

Hungry after his workout, he probably decided he wanted a bite to eat.
Armed with his I-Pad and some possible scripts therein to read, he tried the first one, only to discover the place had no Wi-Fi (either that or he was meeting a luncheon companion he preferred not to bring attention to) so he left, still followed by his tails.

Along the way, he takes pleasure in teasing them, probably all the while cursing under his breath, before he finds another place and grabs a seat...any seat will do in his quest.

This photo shows him talking to what I imagine to be, a perfect stranger, as he teases the pap that he has found someplace to settle and they can take a break.

The photos of him ducking out the back way... I'm not sure if these are after leaving the first location or a different one, but what jumps to the eye is that he was so very obviously trying to lose them or lead them on a merry chase.    He wasn't going to make it easy for them if they were going to stalk him, but he did it with good humor.  It was too beautiful a day to let the paparazzi spoil his outing.  I thinking he's perverse that way because it's exactly what I would do in his shoes and a certain absurd perversity is called for in situations like this.

Good on you Gerry.  The pap got their pictures, your fans got to see them...and by the look pretty damned good.

And, oh,  for all the critics of your attire this day, tell them this is Southern California and you were going to the gym, not a fucking fashion shoot!   You just can't please some people can you?

Stay cool, man...and skip the waves in Hawaii for a few days until the outer ripples of this horrible tragedy that has befallen Japan, calms down.



Other photos from Gerry's adventure courtesy of Just Jared and X17 Online.  I always get the feeling that every day is adventure day in Butler land and one of the reasons we like him!

In and out the doors.
They're right over there!

@*$#~bloody pap!

Which way can I go, mate?

And what is your name darlin'?

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate


  1. Lover your comments, suspect a lot of truth in them! Amusing, thanks. Oldbutnotdead.

  2. I suspect G went in to get high by sniffing the pastries at his first stop.

    Being deprived can make one depraved, as Riff from West Side Story once said, and that may partly explain his odyssey.

    You gotta love a guy who goes at everything with so much gusto!