Saturday, March 26, 2011

Gerry and Jessica B. together? Of Course.

Why shouldn't they be together?  They are new in town and about to start a new movie.  Has anyone heard of "getting to know your co-star?"

I have to really laugh at all the gossip sites pushing this one up the hill with the usual variations of the original item posted several days ago and some, not even doing a good job at it.

The next thing that follows is people speculating which actor's people are using this to their advantage. Once this phase of it starts, the quantity and viciousness of it is amazing.  Last time out it was poor Jennifer Aniston who took the brunt of it.  Now it is Jessica Biel, the victim of misplaced speculation due to her recent breakup with boyfriend Justin Timberlake.

People love to put celebrities down because it makes them feel better about their own,  possibly dull, lives.  Every time I see some of the people commenting on these stories that are put out there, it makes me realize how many mean people there are...wanting to write something nasty about someone or something they have no first hand information about.  Any excuse will do to keep the story going...and boy do they.  For some it's a part of their job to be snarky, but what about the souls that lap it up like mother's milk then think it's okay and the normal way to treat others?

I've seen Jessica B on two different occasions and very up close.  While she is very attractive on screen, she seems very normal and pretty in the flesh,  but not necessarily someone you would sit and gawk at if you didn't know who she was.  She dresses very conservatively, not necessarily calling attention to herself  through her stylish, but not flashy a lot of less pretty girls tend to do to grab attention, particularly if they have a figure.

L.A. style is not necessarily the best, if you know anything about fashion, but JB has her own style and I think she is in Shreveport  to do her job and get on with her life and hopefully do some credible acting in this movie.  Gerry is her boss and her co-star...and a very friendly one, as anyone who has been watching him for any length of time, will know.   I think she deserves a break from all the nastiness.

As for Gerry.... being a very outgoing and flirty male, especially in a small town, he is naturally going to gravitate towards his pretty co-star for companionship.  That is a very normal thing to do.  Someone like Biel, just having gone through a break up, might find him very sympathetic towards her.  It is a normal human thing to feel for someone.  But just because they are attractive celebrities under the normal microscope of the press and the fans, it does not mean they are going to jump into the sack from day one.

It also doesn't mean that at some point, human nature being what it is, they might not share some warm communion (in whatever form that communion may take) .  But that is a far cry from "being together" in the hyped scenarios people have been making up from the moment they hit town. I guess reality doesn't sell as well as let's see what we can come up with.  Smoke and mirrors indeed!

The next thing you know, people will start with the stupid name combinations...probably one of the more asenine things I ever heard of.  To me it always smacks of celebs are not human beings and therefore it is okay to trivialize them by making them only worthy of being a half of something rather then as individuals in their own right.   Yes, I know some times there are some celebs who deserve these kinds of things, but to adopt it from one instance where it might have been cute to another set of circumstances?   How boring and unimaginative is that?  I suppose some need it to be cute?  I find it downright silly.

And people complain about the shallowness of Hollywood?

I am just hoping Playing the Field will be more than it sounds like from afar or that it will at least be entertaining.    If it is not,  then we will all have a basis on which to criticize and critique the performances and the people involved for not making it something worthy of watching.

Until then, or until we have some proof that there is much more than a simple, normal flirtation going on between these two people, let's try not to insult people's intelligence by writing or repeating nonsense.   Smart people see right through it and hopefully are getting tired of the same old hype!

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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