Friday, February 11, 2011

Weinstein Will Distribute Coriolanus/Butler to Ride the Wave

Congratulations to Ralph Fiennes on his Coriolanus being picked up for distribution by the Weinstein Brothers.  It was formally announced today, although the rumor has been around for a week or so.  By extension, this congratulations goes to all the actors and others involved in this ambitious production.
Fiennes directing Butler.

Knowing how zealous Harvey Weinstein is in backing projects he believes in, I know it will get the promotion that it deserves if the movie is indeed worthy.  This is one I am looking forward to seeing.

The good news for Coriolanus' distribution deal is not the only wave Coriolanus co-star  Gerard Butler will be riding today,  as it was announced  that he will be starring in and co-producing "Mavericks,"  a movie that all serious surfers will know refers to that piece of Ocean in Northern California that provides them with some of the most challenging waves on the continent.   Coming from an area where surfing was a passion for many, no one escaped the legend of Mavericks' waves.

Riding Mavericks
The movie Mavericks will focus on the story of Jay Moriarty, the young surfer who trained with older surfer Rick "Frosty" Hesson for a year to tackle the challenging waves of the legendary area and the friendship that developed between the two.  Butler will be playing the role of Hesson and his recent surf riding sessions in Hawaii were perhaps instrumental in proving that he could tackle this role with some authenticity or,  perhaps  a little bit of good publicity timed to coincide with the announcement.  Either way, Butler seemed to be enjoying himself.
 More surfing lessons for Butler.

Mavericks will be helmed  by Curtis Hansen,  who directed the marvelous  L.A. Confidential   This alone makes me have high hopes for this current endeavor by Gerard Butler as actor and as co producer (along with producing partner, Alan Siegel).

As an interesting aside, the area was named Mavericks after a dog.  According to Wikipedia:

In early March 1961, three surfers, Alex Matienzo, Jim Thompson, and Dick Knottmeyer, decided to try the distant waves off Pillar Point. With them was a white-haired German Shepherd named Maverick, owned by a roommate of Matienzo. Maverick was used to swimming out with his owner, or with Matienzo, while they were out surfing.The trio left Maverick on shore but he swam out and caught up with them. Finding the conditions too unsafe for the dog, Matienzo paddled back and tied Maverick to the car bumper before rejoining the others. The riders had limited success that day, surfing overhead peaks about 1/4 mile from shore, just along the rocks that are visible from shore. They deemed conditions for surfing the bigger outside waves too dangerous.
They decided to name the point after Maverick, who seemed to have gotten the most out of the experience. It became known as "Maverick's Point", and later simply "Maverick's".

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Butler surfing photo courtesy of GBGALS.

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