Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Getaway and another fine day in LA LA Land

These are the times I absolutely love this particular muse.  Whenever I see photographs or situations like this played out in front of the paparazzi cameras,  I can't help thinking how human and unintentionally amusing Gerard Butler  can sometimes be.   In this Keystone Cop kind of moment, G and his  friend seem to be making what looks like a hurried (and harried) exit from a local nightclub and each freeze frame has been caught by the cameras.  Without knowing the particulars,  a million scenarios came to mind and my immediate thought was to exploit a few of them for this blog.

"Your extra keys are where?"
My first response,  after a big smile, was that they were making a quick getaway with someone in hot pursuit.    My speculative mind immediately went to "a jealous boyfriend. "  From there, in quick secession it went to:  a) some overzealous fans intent on following him,  b) a planned rendezvous with someone they had met inside and not wanting the paps along for the ride,  c) trying to elude pursuing paparazzi, only to be greeted by another one, or more nefarious  d) trying to purchase something slightly illegal from someone,  then later suspecting the source to be a legal sort.

"It's somewhere on the steering wheel."
The latter is my writer's imagination working overtime and most highly unlikely, considering the upright standing of the source.  (grins)

Stepping back from it, it could also have been the result of  e)  dinner having gone wrong and the resulting upheaval of the gastric juices at work on the stomach causing a major disturbance to the subject's plumbing, making a very quick getaway quite necessary.   Perhaps someone felt  dizzy and needed to get out of the crowd?  

"Oh Gude, are they still back there?"
Of course Butler's fans would be making the usual remarks and there would be plenty of derisive ones.   We have the predictable ones such as "He needs to grow up!"  "He's too old to be clubbing" (or dancing or singing or whatever he does)....because no matter what it is "he will always be too old" to be doing it in their eyes.  I guess since they are probably too old... and if by decree  they make him "too old"  he will be closer to them in "some" respect.  

To these people I say that one is NEVER too old to dance and anyone who makes such a silly statement must be a bit of a sad sack and very insulated from the rest of humanity.  In just about every culture on the planet dancing is an expression of joy and celebration...just as music is.  Any poor soul that doesn't know or hasn't experienced it....well they are truly worthy of pity.

I am sure there were plenty of other comments,  funny or nasty, but for some the litany of  negativity is always the same.  It's a free country and they are welcome to it.  I just don't read it.

The truth is that we don't know what these two were thinking or doing and it really doesn't matter.  The photographs were humorous,  two big kids caught by the flashbulbs and trying to figure out how to get out of there with Murphy's law very much in play.  Oh that darned Murphy!   It was oh so reminiscent of something that's happened to most of us somewhere in our past.   

Friend:   "Don't you gas this thing up before you go out?"   "Where is the security override for this thing?"  "My license has expired.  I really shouldn't be driving."   "I can't believe that guy was mad enough to trash your motorcycle!"  "Did you really say that to his girl?"

G:   "Are they still back there?"   "Fuck,  where did I leave my phone?"   "Damn, if anyone finds out about this,  I'm toast."  "What the hell did I do that was so bad?"   "Are they still following us?"   "Fuck if I remember where the keys to my motorcycle went...!"

All of the above is totally speculative,  of course,  and probably far from the real and simple truth.  But when the photos are this delicious....  

Obviously, if either one of these two handsome denizens of La La land were ill,  I am sure they are fully recovered from their adventure and looking back on their night (perhaps through these photos)  with a hearty laugh.  Being the small world that it is,  ONE of the two fellows photographed walked into the restaurant where I was having lunch with friends this weekend.  He looked fit and dined with several friends at the next table.

My friends and I were discussing politics, the crisis in the Middle East, travel to Shanghai, local restaurants  and their decor,  and the occasional bout of road rage caused by freeway driving in Southern California.  Perhaps  he and his friends were discussing similar subjects.  That's what people do.  Normal things....

After taking leave of my friends,  I drove to Joan's on Third and Magnolias (respectively) and picked up a few goodies to bring home to my daughter,  who was working and still waiting for the storms to blow over before heading  back home to the east coast. 

As I skipped over the puddles left by the early drizzle, I  was thinking how pleasant life is to be able to enjoy brunch and laugh with your friends on a fine Sunday afternoon when there is so much strife going on in so many places around the  the globe.  Most of the rain was gone and the sun was shining and people were out walking and eating outdoors.   I was reminded again how blessed I am to be living in LA LA Land.   

I was also wondering if  both of the fellows caught in the headlights of the freeze frames above were equally as thankful and enjoying the rest of the beautiful Southern California day...wherever it took each of them.


Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

*Photographs courtesy of Just Jared.

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