Saturday, March 8, 2014

Pushing Past the Limits .... Chasing Mavericks

While channel surfing yesterday, I stumbled upon the second part of Chasing Mavericks on TV last night.   Again, I was surprised when the last voice over from Gerry comes at the end of the movie and he utters the line about the limits pushing back.  I haven't read the "original" script but I'll bet it wasn't in there.

From the movie:  "As for the rest, all I will say is, the ones who push the limits discover......the limits sometimes push back.."

Of course when I first saw the movie I knew it sounded familiar, then realized that I had posted that very thought (if not in the exact words) right here on this blog in response to Gerry's near drowning experience.

See second paragraph:

Did he get the line from me?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  But if he did, it won't be the first time he's borrowed something from my writing.   At least it lets me know he's listening once in a while.

It seems to be Gerry week on TV, as I caught How to Train Your Dragon on FX last night too.  I noticed that 300 is on this evening.  It's nice to see his movies get some more traction in their second life.

Keep on listening, dear Muse.  Who knows what other bits you may learn from me, even from way out in your own distant orbit.

Much affection,


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