Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Confidentially Speaking...

...the cover of Los Angeles Confidential is lovely.  Gerard Butler wearing a stylish suit, slouching in a chair and smiling from ear to ear?   That's one I'll be picking up at the airport tomorrow on my way to NYC for a week and a second in Paris.  What the heck.  It's my birthday this week and I'll treat myself to a look at the muse on the plane.

Last time I saw him (at the Machine Gun Preacher Q&A) he was looking very fine, tall and slim.   At that venue I caught an apologetic little smile as he sat down and  looked around after the welcoming applause.

Those little glimpses of G are the ones that humanize him for me.  Don't know if they last long or anyone else catches them in the midst of so many changes in that very expressive face, but for me that is the guy that still somehow can't believe all the fuss over him, and has enough grace to be embarrassed by all the commotion.  I am sure there were many familiar faces in the audience, but perhaps that is his way of apologizing to the other part of the audience who is there for the movie and are not necessarily fans.   I kind of like that.  People's body language says so much.  However the magazine cover speaks for itself and is worth the space in the blog.

Gerard the Great?  Not really.  Gerard the enigma?  Well considering his following, fans as well as detractors who still hang in there to talk about him, there is something about him that still manages to interest people. For me it's something besides the way he looks.  I think it is a little about his duality....what he seems to be and what he isn't.   One moment he's serious and thoughtful and the next perfectly at home with a bunch of 10 year olds and being the biggest kid of all.  And then he gets in front of the camera and he is the urbane looking, sexy idol that raises women's blood pressures all over the globe.

But don't be fooled because the little kid is never too far from the surface!   He lurks in the corners of that very smile that says to me "Like me at your own peril because I'm only going to be me, ultimately."  And that "me" is one wicked little kid who loves to play and to entertain and likes to be loved for it.

Unless you are the paparazzi, of course.

Scowl for he camera, Gerry!

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate


  1. Hi Zoni,

    I wanted to say thank you very much for your blog. It is a breath of fresh air in all the internet mud swamp! I enjoy your writing, and the ideas that you put out there. I started looking up stuff on GB only very recently, and I can say that if I do keep it up, it will be through your blog. If you don't mind me using your space for this, I will say what I admire about him: his versatility, his enthusiasm, how professional he is and how dedicated. One of the hallmarks of a good actor for me is that I don't recognize them from one movie to the next. I saw Phantom, I saw 300, I saw PSILU and didn't make the connection until I started reading more on the web. What is remarkable is that he makes me FEEL, no matter what the role is. When watching Phantom, I was actually cheering for him... And so, many of the things that you muse on reflected to me quite a bit of my own thoughts in the last few days. It's always nice to find someone to relate to. So, again, thanks, and don't stop singing!

    PS and yes, I, too, think he's incredibly handsome.

  2. You are most welcome Anonymous. Thank you for the kind words and welcome. I'm glad you enjoy reading my thoughts on Mr. B.

    I am in Paris right now and not too plugged in to Gerry world at the moment, but I did take note that the filming has started in Santa Cruz and he looks like he's enjoying it as he always does when on set for a new project.

    I personally think Gerry looks the best he's looked in a long time and hope he doesn't muscle up too much or get heavier once this film is over. I think he looks more youthful and his body more like an athlete and I think that's the best look for a man in my view. All the cardio he's been doing is a lot healthier for him too! It he's smart he will keep some of the look. It makes him more versatile for roles and not just as Mr. Action hero or flavor hunk of the month. His last two outings have given him a little more gravitas in the acting category and I think he still needs to do a few more of those serious roles before he takes on the pure action movies. I think he knows that too.

    For me there is nothing sexier in a man then one who has a brain and takes care of his body too because he knows it has to carry him through a lifetime. That, along with a sense of humor is an unbeatable combination in any man. A spare but well defined frame works for him. Very muscular men look horrible when they get older and the extra skin starts to sag. The spare frame always looks sexy if a man stays active.

    I look forward to posting on his new films when I get back to earth next week, but for now I am walking and eating my way though the City of Lights and having a fabulous time. Look forward to your further comments then.