Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Blue on Blue...

That is what came to mind seeing the photo and reading the L.A. Times interview with an emotional Gerry.  Yes, that is the name of a very old song as well but it seems to fit Gerry's emotions as he starts up with the promotional tour for Machine Gun Preacher.

I've had the feeling, watching him, that he would like to concentrate on perfecting his surfing for the upcoming Mavericks rather than revisiting the past and answering all kinds of questions from reporters regarding this emotionally charged movie that may have big consequences for his career. He's a trooper and he'll slog through it, but I really think he dreads it.

Finally catching a wave in Malibu!
From the sunny beaches of Malibu to the blitz of  "being on" in endless interviews is no picnic for a stoic person.  For an emotional person who tends to exhaust himself before he reaches that point of balance that allows him to function in these kinds of environments, it can take its toll. Being unable to control his tears could be the result.

Some people may call them crocodile tears, but there is a lot riding on his performance in this movie and how well it does, so it's natural that the internet buzz generated by these interviews is a big weight on his shoulders.   While his life may look endlessly glamorous to those on the outside,  it can be a stressful roller coaster ride waiting for the next phone call that signals the next role or source of income that will keep everyone on his payroll happy and in the manner he and they have grown accustomed to.  That is the beauty of endorsements for Swiss watches.  Fame can be fleeting and he knows that as well as anyone who plays the game.

And how the game goes all hinges on his talent...and his ability to maintain his equilibrium in the topsy turvy world he has chosen to live in.

Good luck G.  You can get through it.  You always do.  Put a smile on your face and screw the negative and the intrusive.   And, if the tears start to fall, just tell them you're a very emotional guy having a nervous breakdown.  Say it with a smile, even if a little part of it is true.   They'll think you're kidding. Your jokester reputation will see you through.

And remember to get some sleep between the curtain calls.  That one small investment pays such big dividends in the real world, dear muse.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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