Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Alan, Gerry and the Sword

Gerard Butler wearing his Roger Dubuis.
And the sword in this case is the one Gerry is brandishing in the photograph for the Excalibur  Skeleton Double Flying Tourbillon watch advertisement.  As the new face for this expensive timepiece by Roger Dubuis, he is expanding his endorsement deals that started with L'Oreal, into the rarified air of those with enough money to be able to afford the six figure kind of luxury this watch represents.

I have only one thing to say to this.  GOOD GOING ALAN SIEGEL!  Kudos to you for trying to show your boy in the kind of light that counterbalances the sometimes "still rough around the edges" kid from Glasgow image he often unwittingly presents to the public and furthering the "don't box me in" enigma that keeps people guessing about his footing in the worlds he inhabits.

You do your early counterparts in Hollywood justice and it's sad people behind the scenes usually only get the blame for what goes wrong and not the credit for what does.   It must sometimes feel almost as thankless as being a writer, except you get a percentage and the right to exercise power for your successes!  Not too shabby.

Well credit where credit is due.  And, if by chance this contact/contract was all Gerry's doing, then he's learned well at your elbow and good for him.  The right little bauble adorning a wrist  can say so many things about one.

Touring Roger Dubuis watchmakers in Switzerland.

As Executive Producers on Machine Gun Preacher, I wish you both luck.   I hope this is the vehicle that will make good on Gerry's early promise as an actor and help him attract the kinds of  roles in movies he wants to make, as well as put some of his disenchanted fans back in the theatre seats.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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