Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Burning with Joy of the Sport

That is the only thing necessary to say about Gerard Butler's sojourn into the ranks of his sport heroes and being part of the Celtic Legends team that played against the Manchester United Legends to raise funds for Oxfam and the famine spreading throughout East Africa.

He went from being a sickly looking lad one day to a kid in a candy store grabbing all the goodies his hands could hold the next and it only goes to show that the chameleon that is this man keeps reinventing himself, despite the silly observations of followers like me that can't seem to get it right no matter how much we comment.

"Can't believe I'm here?"
This is a photo of the man that keeps me cheering for him because though one minute he seems totally jaded by the some of the trappings and obligations of stardom,  the next moment he is big kid giving his all and sharing the passion of the sport with his heroes and loving every exhausting minute of it.

Congratulations on another dream come true this day Gerry and I hear that congratulations are also in order over another new role in the spy thriller The Brick Layer.

Others may ooooh and aaahh over your looks and a lot of the externals like weight and age and lines and hair, but it is really none of those things that get my attention about you as much as your constant tenacity to keep reaching for the things that you want and then going at it with everything you have once you commit to it....and the sheer joy with which you find your niche among those that you really want to be around.

If some of the stories are to be believed, your love life may not alway be a bed of roses (or it very well may be just that), but the respect and friendship of those that matter mean a lot and those are some of the lasting things when some of the others have fallen by the wayside.

Keep smiling and thumbing your nose at those who would say otherwise and always keep a little bit of your heart safe from the cynicism that prevails in the heart of so many these days.  Keep that little boy alive because he is somehow a very essential part of the charm of the man, wild man look and all.

I wish you the best.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Photo courtesy of Gals.

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