Monday, June 6, 2011

Prepping for Mavericks?

As I knew he would be, once his filming was finished for Playing the Field,  Gerard Butler was back in Hawaii to continue surfing lessons for his upcoming role in Mavericks.  Looking as trim as he was in Timeline, the Scot is hard at work and probably having fun as well.

Love the look he gave the photographer here.  Let's use some of that smolder in your movies G!

There were also photos of him with his Playing the Field co-star Jessica Biel, riding the Harley on the Malibu coast this weekend.  They look good together, but as one source said, Gerry's "got a large personality" and I do think most people like being around someone with a "lust for life."  Their reps say they are just friends.

Whatever the case, I wish them luck, both privately and professionally.  These are two nice people and I hope Playing the Field reflects the fun and enthusiasm that all the photos coming out of the shoot displayed.

I was happy to see Biel cast in the role of the wife because I felt these two might have some onscreen chemistry and I am still hoping I was right.

Is that chemistry there offscreen?   Only time will tell, but either way, good friendships are nice too, so we'll see.

I am sure the cynics will have them together only to promote their movie or some other stupid reason, and that is always a possibility, but I have a feeling these are two people tired of playing the game and maybe just enjoying each other's company.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

Photos courtesy of JJ, TMZ and Gals.

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