Monday, June 13, 2011

Gerry Butler Nominated for Scottish Fashion Award?

Sexy looking devil?
Although Gerard Butler has been looking very well attired and groomed in several recent photos, it always tickles my funny bone to learn that my favorite sartorially challenged Scot is competing for this award.  A man of extremes in many ways, he looks stunningly handsome one minute and "little boy playing in the mud" the next.

I am not complaining, mind is one of the refreshing things about him, that male normalcy that he is living his life as much on his own terms as being a Hollywood star/actor allows him.

I do have to confess to liking his hair the longer lengths instead of the short, Napoleon like crop of the past, and Gerry is one man who actually looks good with facial hair.  It softens him (not in an unmasculine way) and makes him.....(I always search for the right word is a feeling more than just a look) "more accessible," more "in touch" with the historical,  more "European,"  just more "him."   Perhaps it just gives his face more character?

Surfer bum in Hawaii
He looks well clean shaven, but I've gotten so used to him with the facial hair that it's like he is a comfortable pair of soft, buttery leather shoes or a very soft tee you always want to wear...and he always looks more good humored with the scruff or even with the fuller beard.

A lot of people wouldn't agree with me, but I don't look back at yesterday's Gerry as being better looking.  Age has added some character to his face and I see him as more him now...someone who is more able to laugh at life  and himself then before.

Where so many of his early photos were posed shots intended to make him sexy and alluring to sell to the public,  he is now more naturally sexy, despite the lines and more weathered skin, especially when he is not posing and when there is a smile in his eyes as well as his mouth and his sense of humor is peeking through.

Gerry with Leo DiCaprio
Now, after having said that, I must admit that Gerry looks wonderful in a well fitting suit and he is a little more conscious of what looks good on him lately.  He is also coming across as more relaxed in a suit as a second skin than before.

He is very fit and looks healthy these days, a nice glow to his eyes and skin.  He has gone lighter with the hair, perhaps for the "sun kissed" look of the outdoorsman roles of a soccer player and the upcoming role as a surfer, but also perhaps because it is easier maintenance with the large amount of white in his hair these days.

Diamond in the rough.
Either way, I suppose it is a testament to his popularity with the ladies that he is nominated for this award each year.  But,  if I had a choice between the polished and the diamond in the rough Gerry, well,  I'll take the comfortable one with the real smile on his face over the "for public consumption Gerry, every single time.

Good luck with the award, man, but if it doesn't happen, it is one award it's okay to go without.  It's not really you, unless fashion icon means that "hobo chic" (as some have called your style at times) very in and a sure sign of a "real" icon, fashionable or not!   After all, how many men can get away with wearing a leather diaper and manage not to look totally absurd?

Postscript: 3-14-11 


Rating the Outfit

Bike helmet = Good!
Blue Jacket = Good!
Appropriate Shoes = Good!
Green Eyes =  More than good!
Ugly red pants =  He wanted to make sure the cars saw him coming a mile away?

GB looking fine (despite the pants) and staying fit!

Ye gotta love this man!

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

*Biking  photo courtesy of Just Jared.

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