Monday, May 9, 2011

Someone Needs Some Beauty Sleep

Dear Gerry,

Judging from some recent photographs and comments by some who have seen you lately, I think you may be in serious need of some beauty sleep.  I get it that you don't like to miss out on fun and you love the night life and the daylight(life) and maybe life period, but if you aren't getting adequate sleep, you are on the fast track to an early grave and you're not going to look very good when you get there.

I know you work hard and like to play the same way, but it would pain some of us to see you "live" yourself into the next life when there is still so much good stuff to see and do in this one.

Your body, including your immune system, repairs itself from "everything" during sleep.  Though our cells are constantly renewing themselves, our skin cells renew themselves the most during slumber.  If you need too much caffeine to wake you up and keep you going throughout the day, then it is too much and at best a roller coaster ride to premature aging and bad health, love, no matter how well you eat, how much you exercise, how many cleanses you go through, or how many addictions you've overcome.  It's the truth. Scouts honor.   I wouldn't lie to you.

From my perspective, the world would be a little less bright without your nice face popping up on the big screen a few times a year, so do yourself  (and those of us who give a damn) a favor and maybe drink one less cup of coffee and add one extra hour of sleep to your night or an afternoon nap as your schedule permits.   I guarantee you will enjoy the places you do go a lot more when you don't feel or look like a zombie.  You've chosen a field where your "looks" matter, so sleep is part of the bargain and an investment you make to stay on top of the game.

If you need a warm body next to you to help you get into slumberland, I'm sure there are plenty of them around willing to do it for you....a warm shower, low lights, cool sheets,  a sleep mask,  a soothing relaxation massage,  and whatever else works (yes, of course I mean THAT) to help you slide  gently and naturally into the arms of morpheus.

And if you need more reasons, I can think of another one too.  On a spiritual level, you can soul search all you want for understanding about the nature of things and the meaning of life but,  even if you're asking the right questions, your mind needs to be clear, quiet and rested enough to hear and understand the answers.

You're a smart guy.  Do the math.

If you need help, call me.  I'll send over my masseuse.


Your friendly neighborhood sage

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate


  1. Zoni:
    someone on JJ has been posting as "Georgia" saying she is GB's girlfriend. She has been posting since January 2011, implying she is always in his vicinity or traveling with him everywhere he goes, but only this last weekend she "admitted" she is his girlfriend. She says she met him in Los Angeles a few months ago (around New Years) and they have been dating since.
    Needless to say, no one believes her, and she got into many arguments with the JJ regulars over the last 2 weeks. Finally, over the weekend, the fighting got so bad that she just spit it out of her system and said that she is actually dating him.
    Do you think this could be possible?
    Then some of the JJ regulars said they are going to contact GB or Alan to tell them about Georgis pretending to be his GF. So this is getting very ugly.
    if you want to see what's going on, read JJ from page 68 and onward and see what shenanigans took and are still taking place.
    I know you don't post on JJ but if you can write a piece about this in your blog it would be great. I am a great admirer of your writings.

  2. Dear Anonymous,

    Gerry's private life is his own and to be honest, I don't think he would be dating anyone who would be spilling the beans on the internet. I think there are some very gullible people in the world and, as you know, they are ripe targets for people trying to bait them. I think this is probably the case here.

    If per chance there was any truth to the whole thing, then the girl/woman is a twit and Gerry is a super twit for dating her. I think he is smarter than that, but being a movie star doesn't exactly make you anything special in the brains department, especially when it comes to handling the opposite sex and their whims. I think that is why he enjoys the companionship of his male friends so much. One can love women but when the frenzy gets stupid, they can turn you off big time, although, when he is in a good mood, he knows it goes with the territory and is very grateful and gracious to most of his fans. I am very female and sometimes amazed at the silliness of some of my own gender (and even at my own for being part of this whole thing), but I forgive myself the frivolity. Watching the Gerry show unfold has become habit and watching the reaction of others towards this particular male, I confess a certain fascination, a lot of compassion and yes, even a warm affection for the subject.

    I won't wade through all the posts at JJ as I don't have the patience for people arguing with one another over dumb things. Never had it. My older sister and I have often commented to each other that we are lacking something in that department and got an extra shot of testosterone or something and I find myself grateful for it.

    Thank you for the nice words and I would advise people, as I usually do, not to believe everything you read. Most of it is either people pulling your leg, the desire for self importance (as evidenced by all "in the know" types), or in the case of Gerry Land (and all the baggage that goes with it), BUSINESS AS USUAL.

    Disclaimers are a good thing, but people would rather believe otherwise.

    Thanks for commenting. I do appreciate JJ for the photos and news. His is one of the nicer gossip blogs and he's never nasty. I do read there once in a while, but usually skip to those who post photos and articles on the movie front.

    Hope this helps.


  3. Zoni:

    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes, I thought your reaction would be what you replied.

    I do enjoy reading your work; I find it very interesting and entertaining, and very often accurate.

    Basically, I too have a hard time believing that this woman is dating him, however if it is true she is an idiot for telling the world about it, and he is an idiot for not dumping her immediately lol. However, I also tend to think that he is quite intelligent so there is only a very minute chance any of this is true.

    I guess we will have to wait and see what transpires and if any of this develops past the JJ threads.

    Meanwhile, thank you again for responding to my comment.