Sunday, December 5, 2010

Frolicking In Miami Beach

Gerard Butler looks like he was "frolicking" on the beach with several friends before popping into some of the  Art Basel  exhibitions in Miami Beach.  Frolicking, I say, because he is the type to actually frolic (check out the last photo).

Just Gerry here.
GB  is looking good these days!   He's slimmer than he's been in a long time and it works for him.  Contrary to what some think,  his youthful look is due to that weight loss and,  in these photos,  perhaps the windswept hair and the sunscreen moisturizing his face.

For those that think he should look picture perfect all the time,  he is not going to go the mousse and mirror route while kicking back near the beach. Would you?  I mean we ALL look perfect at the beach, don't we?

I think there is sometimes great naivete and very unreal expectations of this person (and actors in general) by their fans.  Where you see him dressed the way you would like to see him, it's most likely a photo shoot or other publicity shot.  When he is on his own, he is "just Gerry" and he dresses the way he pleases.  By now we all  know what that means.   His sartorial splendor leaves one breathless at times.

However, here, he looks fine and the blue shirt fits well and does make his eyes pop, as does the ever present  paparazzi.

The colt in action.
He's not your 300 hero-hunk in these photos.  The  person  here is enjoying some personal time with friends and, as is often the case, being funny without trying.   Personally, I think he is really 15 years old in his head and for all his athletic build, he is also sometimes an ungainly colt!  

That this colt also has a head (and body) for business and does very well for himself is incongruous at times.  For me therein lies some of his charm.   All men are little boys underneath the armour and those that aren't wish they could be.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

*Photos courtesy of Just Jared and Gerard Butler Gals


  1. Zoni!!! So good to "see" you. Sorry to place this random shoutout here, but hope all is well! Stay in touch.

  2. Hello MIsh. Nice to hear from you. It's taken effort to get this going and I still have miles to go, but hopefully I will get into the swing of it. Life intrudes on writing and I'm still struggling to reach a balance between the two and let one feed the other and vice versa. So far I haven't been very good at it.

    Want to finish Outlandisher because I felt badly leaving the people who were reading it hanging. Dating Gorgo was so much fun to do because I, as well as those reading, were enthusiastic about it. King Leo was a hoot and between all the interviews with G and Zack and the fans on IMDb, there was a wealth of material to draw from. The diverse energy and humor that existed there, with a few exceptions, has changed. I still do peek in once in a while and comment.

    Thanks for reaching out.