Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living in the Moment: Why Gerard Butler Loves Sex!

Always a sensualist and  advocate of "living in the moment,"  I can't tell you how many times I come back to the premise that being in a moment with all your senses (and even your sixth) is so important to personal happiness.   I have written about it since I was in in school...."happiness is a function of recognizing the wonderful little moments in life and being there with all your senses, soaking it all up."   I am that way about plays, musical performances, the people I am with, communing with nature, being with myself.  The bottom line is  "When I am scattered I am not content."

So it was that my own feelings were validated while reading through the NY Times this morning and finding an article on a  recent study that correlates "unhappiness"with the tendency of letting one's mind wander.
*Gerard Butler happy?


In one paragraph, the study cites the unsurprising:

'The least surprising finding, based on a quarter-million responses from more than 2,200 people, was that the happiest people in the world were the ones in the midst of enjoying sex. Or at least they were enjoying it until the iPhone interrupted.'

After reading that paragraph my mind went immediately to Gerard Butler, whose photo of his arrival at LAX had caught my attention earlier.

You know Gerard Butler ...he of the "manwhore, " "can't sit still"  ADD,  cell phone as another appendage, reputation?

It was "in the moment" I read this that I felt the man should clearly be vindicated of the smears of so many disgruntled fans who consider him the antichrist and a threat to the institution of marriage or even monogamy?  All the vitriol can't be because they HATE his acting!

I had to ask myself the question.   "Could all the purported sex he has just be that Gerry just likes to be happy?"

It is a rare bird that knows themselves well enough to know where their weaknesses lay.   Gerard Butler, by his own admission in countless interviews, has said that he has a problem concentrating.  He has made an issue of it in going to Oneness University,  in his travels to India, flirtations with light therapy, even in reading books on how to bring all the disparate parts of him together in cohesiveness.    He is honest about it.  He has dealt with his demons, worked hard on ridding himself of addictions that have plagued him....always searching and trying to find the things that bring him contentment.  

Well, there are many things people know about Gerard Butler because he so often puts them out there and, while I'm sure there are many others that make him happy,  these three have to be at the top of his list:  1) Performing (be it acting or singing) to entertain others,  2) socializing (not to include talking to rocks) and,   3) if the tabloids and his fans are to be believed, LOTS of SEX.   Now, according to this article,  we perhaps get a glimpse of why the latter is so important to him!   Could engaging in sex be one of the times when his mind is not wandering to the next thing he has to do, going in a million directions, his electrical system sparking furiously?

He certainly looks happy in that LAX photograph  and we've  heard he has been engaging in all three of the above listed loves in NYC just recently.   If giving someone a smile is a contagious thing, the smile in that photograph is working.  It made me smile. 

Now I have one question for Gerry:

"Does he turn off his sexy red cell  phone while engaging in sexual acrobatics with the bevy of beauties he's so often photographed with?"  

I would hope so, but inquiring minds want to know. 

Be happy Gerry!   "Living" is important.

Songs out of tune, the words always a little wrong...Canzoni Stonate

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